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You Made it!

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Feel like you’re putting in countless hours only to end up spinning your wheels ending with little or no results?

Do you have a plan for attracting and gaining the Right Clients or Customers Who are willing to invest in themselves?

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“Say Yes to Your Empowering Success Today!”


I work with Christian Women who are not clear where to start or how to up-level their business from where they are today. They want to work with the right client or customer who invests in themselves and finally they are not seeing a return on the time and money invested. They place high importance on Freedom, Abundance, Peace of Mind and Transforming their Client/Customer’s World.

Ready for real change? Ready to experience an Income Impact?

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When you’re interested you’ll do what’s convenient. When you’re committed you’ll do whatever it takes! John Assaraf


Make the choice today.


Don’t look back one year from now wishing you had begun today. ~Karen Lamb



Don’t just take my word for it…..

Before working with Robin in the Make it Happen 30 days of Empowerment Coaching program, I was looking for a coach that could provide some guidance and directions with the goals that I wanted to achieve. After working with Robin I got more clarity on how to break down my goals and focus on the areas that I could strengthen.  Then I could identify the areas that I needed to work on more in depth and now I have more confidence in pursuing the goals that I have set for bringing my Vision to reality.  Robin has a great positive attitude and knows how to work with her clients to help them achieve maximum results.  Thanks for all you do Robin and may God continue to Bless you and the GREAT work you do.

Monique Spence-The Vision Coach
Houston, Texas

The Online Marketing Breakthrough Discovery Session was just what  I needed to help me regain focus and align my priorities.  Through our session I was able to identify an area of marketing that I had clearly overlooked.

Often times we know the right thing to do but the seeds of fear and doubt tend to grab hold of our vision preventing us from moving forward.  Speaking with you helped me realize the importance of having an accountability partner, someone to redirect me when I feel myself being swayed away from my goals

Again, thank you so much for your time.  I look forward to working with you

Dr. Crystal M. Consonery 

HHP Holistic Health Practitioner & Certified Faith-Based Clinical Counselor




Before my 1/2 day intensive with Robin I felt that my focus was too broad, that I knew where I wanted to go, but not how to get there. I felt that I had a lot of pieces but did not know how to put them together.

After my 1/2 day intensive I felt energized, excited and focused. All my questions were answered and I felt I was able to put the pieces of my puzzle together. Every question I had was answered and it was the best thing I ever did and now I am moving forward with my plan and business. I see growth in my business and me personally.

Gena Foster 

Visionary “RE” Group



Go where you’ve never gone before…

Achieve more than you’ve ever achieved. 


Empowering you,


Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva

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