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I want it all… Should I feel guilty?

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In my interactions with women this one question has alwaysbeen brought into the conversation. Some individuals wantto shake a finger at the woman asking this question, feelingthat it is selfish and #2 we can’t possibly have it all. Here are my thoughts. This can be a hard question to answer if you fail to address […]

Women reduce stress with 3 tips for time management

February 17, 2009 by  
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Have you ever been stressed even when you’re well relaxed? Stress is unavoidable in life, it is important to find waysto reduce stress, prevent stressful incidents and decreasenegative reactions to stress. One key area to focus on in managing and reducing stress istime management. Time management skills can allow you moretime and allows for increased […]

Announcement The Big Event

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It’s almost here the Big Event to turbo-charge your success in 2009! 4+ Power women will be featured during The Women’s Life EmpowermentBoot camp. You don’t want to miss this incredible lif-changing event. The anouncement? This power-packed event is now my gift to youwith 2 options to upgrade! Why am I giving you free access. […]

Love Yourself

February 12, 2009 by  
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Well, we know it’s the month of love and we are celebrating Valentine’s Day.There will be some that aren’t too happy during this time, including marriedwomen! Sometimes marriage can be a lonely place. My prayer is thatwe will be a place of encouragement, love, wisdom for women in ourtimes of pain and disappointment. Let’s be […]

Empowerment Challenge

February 9, 2009 by  
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Hello ladies! My passion is empowering women to live their best life! You have everything within you to lead a dynamic and successfullife in 2009. It will take a good system, connecting with the rightpeople, resources and creating a positive environment to achieve this. Today marks the launch of my Empowerment Challenge Give-away. More than […]

Wake up!

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Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Is what I was awakened from a deep sleep with. I replied “what is it?”This response came from being startled (awakened from sleep), itwas not out of disrespect, as I didn’t know right away what wasgoing on. I heard in my spirit “Tell them they must wake up, the […]

Keep trying

Do you remember the cliche’ “if when you try and youdon’t succeed, try again” ? Well, I’d like to addmy twist “just make sure it’s not a dead horse.” I encourage you to re-evaluate projects you’ve taken onand any other endeavors you continue to pursue.Do they have the necessary ingrediens to manifest theresults you desire? […]