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Are you a woman entrepreneur (or aspire to be) and need help getting started?

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It’s been a wonderful Summer and I can’t express enoughmy gratitude for all of the support and words of affirmationthat I received over the course of the summer and this yearfor that matter. I’ve had this question asked by many women and it is simplyhow do I get started? Or how do I continue even […]

It’s ok take off the mask for maximum women’s empowerment

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are you hiding? The mask………some will admit to the daily ritual of preparing to go before your peers,co-workers, employees, church family, friends, classmates ending with the last step ….the mask. We can’t allow anyone to know about ourflaws. Mask – Covering for all or part of the face as a disguise or for […]

Who are you? The Woman Entrepreneur and personal branding

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Who are you? Do your clients, customers recognize who you are? Would prospects recognize who you are and become immediately attracted to you? Or would theyturn away because there’s nothing for them to identify with. If you answered no or I don’t know to the above it’s time that you learnedmore about personal branding. Think […]

How to have unshakable and long lasting confidence

How to have unshakable and long lasting confidence to start your best empowered life, grow yourself and business. Get a job and promote out. Build your self esteem for maximum empowerment. Tuesday, September 15 at 1:00 PM PST 4:00 EST.This call is free to Leader’s Network members.Not a member? Join now at my reduced price […]

A message for the world inspirational song "You don’t weep alone" video also on You tube

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September 11, 2001 a day we shall never forget. Where were you? What were your thoughts? To those who are still healing and all who need a bitof inspiration I share an original song with you. Please leave a comment here and on http://www.youdontweepalone911.blogspot.comIf you’d like to purchase a copy or make a donation visit […]

Dream Big! Must hear call replay

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Hello ladies, I just finished an awesome call with some dynamic women and wanted togive you a chance to listen in. Father God wants us to be world changers and He is urging us to get inposition for the shift. I shared with the ladies that He is a BIG God and is waiting for […]