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Women’s Empowerment tips: Do you really know what you want in life?

Many people are disappointed with where they are in life or are confused about how to get where they want to go. There are many who have not even discovered this until it’s too late. How much time have you spent watching television or even doing things that don’t really matter. The first thing you […]

Woman Entrepreneur tips: Is the money really in the list?

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We’ve often heard that the money is in the list. Although I believe inthis statement it is also important to note that the money is in a responsive targeted list. You can go on a daily pursuit of building a large list without anyfocus on your niche or in other words who do you serve? […]

Women’s Empowerment: Hone for the Holidays How to Transform Your Family Dynamics

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I thought this was an interesting article and shared some great informationthat we could all use. Enjoy! Hone for the Holidays How to Transform Your Family Dynamics By Steve Truitt When Adam Sandler was still on Saturday Night Live back in the 90s, he did a fantastic bit during the Weekend Update News in which […]

Women’s Empowerment: All we have is now… all too true realization by Brittany Murphy’s death

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If you found out that you only had 3 months to live would yoube more forgiving? The truth of the matter is that you arenot guaranteed even 1! Are we really living life to the fullest or are we spending our daysbelieving that there’s always tomorrow. And yet we want to realize thebenefits that come […]

Women’s Empowerment tips: Top 7 qualities of skillful leadership by Jim Rohn – Celebrating leadership in the new decade 2010!

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Many great people departed this life in 2009 and one of those people is Jim Rohn.He was a man of great wisdom. In this post I share one of his writings. You’ll find many jewels within this one piece. The key is balance. Take it to heart for maximized women’s empowerment. Here’s to great leadership […]

Go tell it! Christmas should be show and tell as writen by songwriter Robin G. Tramble aka empowermentdiva

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I was up trying to recall the lyrics to a song I penneda few years ago and it really concerned me that I couldn’tbring it back or locate the lyrics. Well, anyone that knows me, knows that once I set my mind todo something it’s done! I felt led to go to my newsletterto find […]

Women’s Empowerment: Why Goal setting is a must do activity for your best empowered year yet!

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What happened to your year? Do you know? Where did you spend your time and was it spent wisely? Did you realize the results that you wanted for women’s empowerment? If you don’t know the answer to at least one of these questions itcould be a result of not setting effective goals and incorporating systems […]

Women’s Empowerment: When is enough – enough?

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Time continues to fulfill it’s assignment daily waiting on no man.Are you fulfilling your assignment daily waiting on no man, no-thing?~ Robin G. Tramble I’m sure you can attest to the above. Why, it’s apparent when you lookin the mirror. A few lines here and a few gray hairs there. Yes, I know don’tremind you. […]

Women’s Empowerment: Tips for effective communication

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The spoken word belongs half to him who speaks, and half to him who listens.- French Proverb One of the most powerful ways to enhance your communication is to listen.I’m not speaking of passive listening. Nor am I referring to listening while waiting for the next opportunity to get your point across. I’m speaking of […]

An unstoppable woman entrepreneur is a woman of influence

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INFLUENCING OTHERS: People will only change and “play ball” when, in their terms, it makes sense for them to do so. And, it makes more sense when they come to the conclusions themselves. Therefore, to influence others, don’t TELL them, ask open-ended questions which will draw them to the conclusions you wish to make.~ Author […]

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