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Empowering women: Stress reduction and the powers of a positive attitude

Did you know that stress contributes to 90% of chronic diseases? Maybe you’re like some individuals, you are in denial and don’t think you have stress. After women in my workshops, coaching programs, sessions complete my stress index or assessment they are often surprised to find out that they do have some level of stress […]

Empowering women Entrepreneurs: Is a Facebook or other Social Media Presence really Important?

Do you understand the benefits of Social Media?Or are you overwhelmed, experiencing information overload and becauseof this you’ve put aside the thoughts of utilizing this tool? Social Media has changed the way we do business, connect with friends,clients, prospects etc. and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere too soon. Social media sites give people […]

Are you an aspiring Songwriter? Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva introduces Song critique service

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Are you an aspiring songwriter or in the beginning stages and desire to have your song or lyrics critiqued? I started my journey years ago. I didn’t know that when I was entertaining my 1st grade classmates with my rhymes on the fly that I would transition into writing songs. I entered into a phase […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, After Thanksgiving Save on empowering resources

It’s time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and After Thanksgiving sales! Whatever you call it, it’s a chance for you to realize some great savings.I know you’ve read or heard about individuals camping out since Monday just to get a deal. What? Well, you don’t have to gas your tank or press through the crowds […]

Thanksgiving more than a Holiday

Thanksgiving1 : the act of giving thanks2 : a prayer expressing gratitude3 a : a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness We celebrate Thanksgiving day in the month of November here in the US and there are many festivities connected to this day. It is also highly commercialized. When we put all of that […]

Empowering Women: Peace-able life Rich life Inspiration

Know God Know Peace No God, No Peace You shall go out with joy,And be led out with peace:The mountains and the hillsShall break forth into singing before you,And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.Isaiah 58:12 I don’t know about you but that sounds soooo good,refreshing and rejuvenating. In my earlier […]

Empowering women: Do you ever feel like quitting? Don’t quit

Let’s face it. Life can be hard. Thus the reason I’m passionate about empowering women. There are many temptations along this journey to quit. You don’t have to quit. I know that’s easier said than done.  Believe it or not I have felt like quitting. What? The Empowerment Diva?Yes, moi. However, I do feel blessed […]

Got Success? No? What’s your excuse?

Got success? No? What’s your excuse? I’ve heard them all. Can you relate to any of these? I don’t have the money. I don’t know enough. Who me an expert? I’m too old now. I need certification for that. I have so much going on in my life. Give me a few months I’ll be […]

Women’s Empowerment: My Story

Everyone has a story. No one just woke up one day and succeeded because they were tapped with a magic wand. So what does my story include where it concerns Women’s and Woman Entrepreneur’s Empowerment. I can say that I’ve always had an interest in business. From the time I was a little girl with […]

Empowering Women and Woman Entrepreneurs: Are you your own worst enemy?

Are you your own worst enemy? How many times have you started out with a Bang and end up with a fizz? It goes something like this. You have a great idea or maybe we’ll call it a bright idea. You’re excited and can’t sleep at night because ideas are flowing and you can’t turn […]

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