Monday, July 6, 2020

Women’s Empowerment: Are you too busy to succeed?

Are you too busy to succeed? We all are busy and it seems that sometimes individuals wearbusy like a badge. I often wonder are you just busy-busy orproductive busy? I’ve encountered many women that want so much in life. They havedreams and then they have excuses for why they aren’t realizing anyof their dreams. What […]

Empowering women: Empowering Success Secrets of a Queenly Proverbs Woman

Do you feel called to be the Queen over your Life and/orBusiness? Read on to discover empowering insights about the QueenlyProverbs Woman. How close have you looked at the Proverbs 31 Woman? What I’m going to share with you about this dynamic woman is something different from what so many teach on – the stereotyped housewife […]