Monday, January 30, 2023

Top Social Media Advertising Tips for Christian Women Entrepreneurs – Tip #2

Social Media Advertising For Christian Women Entrepreneurs Top Tip #2 Segment Your Audience Within any one target market, you’ll have a number of different audience members who can be grouped. Some will have already purchased from you, some will not have purchased from you. Some will have joined your social media pages via your website, while […]

Top Social Media Advertising Tips for Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Social Media Advertising For Christian Women Entrepreneurs Top Tip #1 Know Your Audience Social media gives business owners an unprecedented ability to create super-focused, extremely targeted advertising. Today, not only can you create a message that is targeted to a specific audience, you can also choose the demographics that will be exposed to your advertisement. […]

The Empowerment Diva Shares How To Use Facebook Pages To Grow Your Business

The Empowerment Diva is bringing ease to your Business, Ministry and marketing efforts using  Facebook Pages Some people like Facebook, some dislike it and other’s don’t understand it. While that is true Facebook is now considered one of the most popular social networks in the world. You’ll find people everywhere checking Facebook on their mobiles, […]

Christian Women In Business – Simple But Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies That Work

What would it mean to you to finally figure out this Social Media thing and use Social Media and more specifically Facebook Marketing Strategies that work? Marketing on the Internet can be tricky business. Often times, you feel like you’re casting a line into the ocean and hoping to snare a whale, but you come […]

Use Facebook to Grow Your Business and Ministry with Ease – Free Webinar

Have you been seeking ways to grow your business and/or your ministry using Facebook?  Do you have a Facebook Business Page? No I’m not speaking of your Facebook Personal Profile here. I’m speaking of a page designated for your business. Whether your business has had a Facebook presence for years, or you’re just getting started, […]