Sunday, September 23, 2018

Isn’t It Time To Get Serious About Your Spiritual Growth?

What are your thoughts about the world we live in today?

Have we become desensitized to the various events that happen around us? There used to be a time that churches would cry out. Mothers would cry out for the children. Somehow we’ve lost our sensitivity. 

It’s also happening in the business world. Many are becoming conformed to this world instead of being transformed, The bible reads “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2 

People need the Lord, God’s wisdom, your gifts, your blessings and more! How will they experience Freedom, Joy, Peace, and Prosperity and more through you as an agent of God if you’re not Free, a Woman of Faith, full of God’s Wisdom and love?

It’s Time To Get Serious About Your Spiritual Growth!

This is the reason I created my God Empowered experience POWER Up! “3 Irrefutable Steps To Unstoppable Faith Infused by the God Kind Of Faith” 3 Day Challenge. 

The enemy was after my FAITH. It seemed that we went from crisis to crisis.

I am so glad that I cultivated a relationship with Father God and exercised my faith. When our daughter passed after a faith-filled and courageous fight I know I would not have held on, continued the faith walk and persevered with victory.

Yes, I was empowered through crisis and my experiences rendered Unstoppable FAITH!!

Got Faith? I invite you to position yourself to Stretch, Exercise, and Build your Faith muscles. Activate Your Faith. Watch Father God move on your behalf. Go here to reserve your spot God is ready to do some BIG things. Register here Get ready. Stay ready! 

I can’t wait to experience empowering moments with you.

P.S. This challenge will Render God Empowered Success In Every Area Of Your Life via my 3 Irrefutable Steps To Unstoppable Faith Infused by The God Kind of Faith! 
Let’s go!  

Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses]. Hebrew 11:1 AMPC It’s going to be epic!

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Why Won’t They Buy From Me?

Do you find yourself asking “Why won’t they buy from me?”

I can hear it. Whether it’s said outright or not I can sense the frustration from
new women entrepreneurs and more experienced women entrepreneurs.

My heart goes out to those who believe that they will leave their jobs to work from home and those who are hoping they don’t have to return to their jobs and may not manifest their desired results because they’re doing it all wrong.

What is your plan? Do you have one?

Or are you operating out of desperation?

To fail to plan is a plan to plan is more than a cliché.

When it comes to Social Media a fail to plan is a recipe for no results. You are doing Social Media aimlessly and it’s ineffective which in short is a waste of time.

Why won’t they buy from you?

Have you heard the saying that people want to buy but they don’t want to be sold to?

Of course you may feel that your resource is the next best thing since sliced bread but that’s not what your prospect thinks and quite frankly they’re not even sure what you have to offer is for them.

Who is your target market?

This may be one reason they won’t buy from you because they’re not your target market or you’re trying to connect with the wrong audience.

How will you serve your Target Market? Or another way to put it is what is your niche?

Another reason they’re not buying from you is that they’re confused they don’t know what you’re offering. It’s not clear. You’re trying to sell everything to any and everyone.

Here’s another saying: A confused mind won’t buy.

Is your website attracting your ideal prospect or repelling them?

This could be another reason they’re not buying. Your website does everything but attract them to your service, product, program…. your offer.

Why won’t they buy from you?
Consider all of the above and commit to identifying your prospect’s biggest problem. What keeps them up at night? Develop solutions to solve that problem. Give them a taste via your IFO (Irresistible Free Offer) and move them through your Sales/Marketing Funnel with value, value and more value.

Start attracting and get clients and customers instead of repelling them.

What? Don’t have a Sales/Marketing Funnel in place? Have ideas but don’t know where to start?

No worries. I invite you to take a step towards your Extraordinary Success Breakthrough via my Elite Mentoring/Coaching program In 3 Months!

There are a few scholarships available. Click here to learn more.







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Empowering Christian Women Entrepreneurs: Are You Fear-full or Faith-full?




“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?” Marianne Williamson

Fear is an enemy of Faith. Many people are overcome by fear when they focus more on their circumstances and the dictates of society. Look at fear this way: False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. Many of the fears that we are concerned with may never manifest in our lives.

You may be familiar with the scripture found in II Timothy 1:7
God has not given us a spirit of fear, but He’s given us a spirit of
power, love and a sound mind.

Our focus should be on what?

The spirit of power, or of courage and resolution to encounter difficulties and dangers;-the spirit of love to God, which will carry us through the opposition we may meet with, as Jacob made nothing of the hard service he was to endure for Rachel: the spirit of love to God will set us above the fear of man, and all the hurt that a man can do us;-and the spirit of a sound mind, or quietness of mind, a peaceable enjoyment of ourselves, for we are oftentimes discouraged in our way and work by the creatures o our own fancy and imagination, which a sober, solid, thinking mind would obviate, and would easily answer.[1]

If you’re not living by faith then you are living in fear. Become unstoppable by becoming faith-full.

There are many ways to develop a lifestyle of faith and fearless living that I provide via my products and services including my Authentically Empowered Christian Women Coaches and Entrepreneurs Incubator

 I have a special gift for you. Request your copy of my eBook “Wordpower For Women – Faith” while it’s still free. Go to

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5 Tips For Making The Most Out Of Social Media Automation

One Of The Secrets to a Bigger Email List, More Clients, and More Sales is …

Social Media Automation.

social media automation wisely means saving time, increasing your visibility and reach, promoting your products—and having people think you are present more than you’ve ever actually been before.

   Don’t Sound Like a Robot

Our first tip is our most important: Just because you are automating a post, or sharing a link to your latest blog post, you don’t have to sound like an impersonal
robot. Add a “you”-based sentence that speaks directly to your ideal audience member. Be warm. Use your authentic voice!

(They shouldn’t be able to tell your post is automated!)

    Customize Your Automated Posts for Each Social Network

Don’t send the exact same message, worded the exact same way, to every network. For one thing, most networks have different requirements. You have to condense your
message to fewer than now 280 characters on Twitter, whereas a Facebook post can be longer.

Make the most of each network’s unique sharing guidelines! Take the time to customize for each network … then automate!

 3.   Schedule Your Posts Before You Go on Vacation

Just as you prepare in many otherwise, you also need to prepare your social sharing before you go on vacation. Yes, mobiles make it easy to keep up with social media no
matter where you are … but ten to one that consistent schedule you’ve built up will go out the window (or prove to be a pain) if you rely on keeping it while taking a vacation from your daily routine.

Pre-scheduling regular social posts will ensure that you keep your visibility prominent. And you won’t be left in the lurch in case you encounter disasters like no mobile
coverage in your vacation spot … or dropping your laptop in the ocean!

      Pre-Post About Your Vacation

If you’re planning a vacation, be sure to share images and posts about your preparation if you think your audience would enjoy it. Doing this makes your followers feel included in your plans (disasters as well as triumphs). Including them makes it
feel as if you are taking them along (not leaving them behind).

And you can create a whole bunch of posts as you shop and pack—and pre-schedule them at designated intervals for maximum engagement.

   Automate Post Content Creation—but Don’t Automate Interaction

The fact is… you can’t automate interaction. Better to have someone write posts for you—but ALWAYS go over them to add your personal “voice”. And monitor responses, and respond!

If you enjoyed this post you’ll enjoy my new Masterclass “10 Quick and Proven Ways To Automate Your Social Media For More Visibility, Business Growth and Client Attraction!”

Go here to get access now.  

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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Get Unstuck, Laser Focused, and Make BIG Changes

Listen To The Empowering Interview Below

 Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva on The Synergy Energy Show With Pam Perry!

Get ready to get empowered. Robin Tramble is CEO and Founder of Robin Tramble International. The Dynamite “Authentic Lifestyle and Business” Empowerment Strategist, Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker. She empowers you to get unstuck, laser-focused, Go Big, Expand Your Reach To Thousands and achieve results FASTER so you can manifest your Royal Diamond Life and Biz “Authentically!”

Experience Rejuvenation, Empowerment and Spiritual Renewal!

6 Spiritually Empowered Christian Women Experts share insights for your personal, spiritual & professional Empowerment during her Virtual (Online) Retreat.
===> Want more? This powerful experience is now a digital series!
Learn more here

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The Epic Challenge Is Back! Market Your Biz In Minutes Per Day


A profit can really be simple!

See firsthand how people around
the world are making thousands of
dollars a month using a system…

..that allows you to achieve your

Marketing results in yes just minutes per day!

Whether the thought of marketing causes you break out in a
cold sweat or it makes you feel energized and powerful, one thing is certain: if you want your business to be a success, then you have to promote it. For both offline and online business owners, promotion on the Internet is
essential. According to, more than 2 billion people use the Internet every day. That’s global usage. You and your business need to be out there.

The issue that many business owners face is how exactly to do that. Sure, there’s lots of information and advice out there, but how can you know what really works in today’s market? And how do you find the time?

As a small business owner, you probably wear many hats – maybe even all of them if you’re a true Small business owner. That means your time is already at a premium.

How can you create your products and promote them at the same time? By learning how to cut your marketing down to minutes a day. Yes, you can market your business in just
minutes a day. It is a manageable time frame that gives you an opportunity to grow your business, as well as have a life outside of the office whether it’s from home or outside of your home!

Ready for more?

Don’t miss my much anticipated Free “Epic Biz Marketing in 5 Days” Challenge!

Join us live, by going here


See you there.

 If not now when? If not me then who?

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Ever wish you had a bigger audience, tribe, or list?

Have you ever wished you had a larger list?

Duh? I know tell me who doesn’t? If your business is online,
I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t say yes to growing your list, audience, tribe
past where it is right now, right?

Do you envision a growing, thriving business with continued
influx of cash?  You may not want to hear this but you have to keep
growing your following as well.

When I started my online coaching business I had a list a
few relatives and friends. Yes, it was beautiful and endearing, however, they
weren’t necessarily my ideal prospect/client.

Fast forward to today I have a nice size list, 14,000+ of
Facebook fans, 10,000+Twitter Followers etc. from all over the world.

I’ve invested time and money into the skill sets that have
allowed me to successfully hone epic marketing strategies and tactics that work

I can’t wait to share with you in my “Epic Biz Marketing in 5 Days

On a different note I’ve been deeply concerned about women
in Business and more specifically Christian Women in Business.

 I’ve talked to many around the world who have Big
Dreams. That’s wonderful! The sad part is that many don’t move very far. They
remain in the wishing stage.

Have you heard this? God’s gift to us is life and what we do
with it is our gift back to Him. What have you gifted Gad so far?

Are you waiting on God? God is waiting on you! You have a
message, are you doing your best to get it out there?

No matter what business you’re in, there’s a certain
learning curve you must overcome. You have to learn to manage your finances.
You have to navigate the legal requirements. You have to learn toeffectively market your

And you will make some of the mistakes we’ve all made.

Some might call it a “rite of passage” that all
business owners must face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shortcut the

Join me on for my Free “Epic Biz Marketing In 5 Days”
Challenge.  This training will be geared toward Christian Women Coaches,
Consultants, & Entrepreneurs Who Want to Explode Your Business Growth &
Attract the Right Clients with Online Business Marketing That Works! Get started here.

Don’t wait until you’re too stressed and overwhelmed to even
think about making changes. Do it now, and start loving your business again!

Talk soon!


P.S. Feel like marketing your business takes too much time?
No worries. In this training you’ll also learn now to market your business
online in only minutes per day! Get started here

God has so much in store for you. Position yourself to receive
it all. It’s time to stop being the best secret!

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Leverage the Power of Email to Reach & Serve More People Create Cash on Demand

You can create all the products in the world. You can even promote them night and day… but unless you are building a subscriber list, you are throwing eighty percent or more of your hard work out the window. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise – email marketing is not only alive and well, it is essential to any successful business.

Yet many marketers neglect list-building, or pay it only token attention; sometimes focusing instead on social platforms like Facebook.

And while a well-run Facebook page can attract many fans (particularly if you advertise by promoting your page), all that interest and buzz is virtually useless if you don’t include a way or a call-to-action leading your fans to sign up to your list.

Persuading or inspiring people to sign up to your subscriber list is not the be-all and end-all of email, however: It is only their introduction to you.

Signing up for your list is just the beginning, and you should view it as so.

Ready to learn more?

I invite you to my much anticipated FREE Business Empowerment Masterclass

“How To Leverage The Power Of Email To Reach and Serve More People While Creating Cash On Demand!”

Go here to access. 

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Are You List building?



Are you list building?

Don’t feel bad or load yourself with guilt if you’re not. This email will only challenge you to make the move necessary to finally get your message before your ideal audience.

There’s an audience designated just for you. They need to hear your message.

Are you getting the results you want where it concerns growing your list/audience “Authentically?” 

I’m facilitating my much anticipated 5 Day Mini-Course. In this FREE Online Event, You’ll Discover 5 Steps To Growing Your Profitable List With Ease So You Can Pave The Way For Getting More Leads, Clients, Sales and DOUBLE your Business Growth. Join your sistahs and I here  Ideal for New, Aspiring, and Emerging Christian Women Coaches, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs!

I can’t wait to share empowering moments with you.

Are you building your list? People spend 6.3 hours a day checking email. Email is not dead.

To your success!



P.S. A year from now you may wish you had started today!

Karen Lamb

P.P.S. You have a message that must be heard. Let me help you get it out there. Let’s go!

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How To Grow A Profitable List Fast

How Do I Grow A Profitable List Fast? Everything goes better if you make a plan, well in advance – and that applies for everything from road trips to list-building campaigns. With a list-building campaign, it could be argued that your main goal is already pre-decided for you: Create and build a list! However, generic plans never perform as well as specific ones. When you add specific parameters – e.g. “build your list as quickly as possible” – you add built-in challenges and point your plan towards specific paths. The slow way would be to set up a blog, sedately but regularly populate it with content over a year or so, and install a web sign-up form to receive regular updates. And there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re blogging as a hobby and have all the time in the world to stop and smell the roses. I’ve shared with you the first step in growing a profitable list. Did you get value out of it? I invite you to go deeper. Join my 5 Day Grow Your Profitable List Mini-Course here: Discover 5 Steps To Growing Your Profitable List aka Audience with Ease So You Can Pave the Way for Getting More Leads, Clients and Sales for Faster Business Growth.

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