Friday, October 28, 2016

Marketing Tips: Generate Leads

Do I really need an autoresponder? Is that the question you have? Maybe it seems like just another thing to spend your money on. It is a valuable tool to invest in for your business.

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online. In fact, the only thing more important than the autoresponder is your opt-in list! But all autoresponders start out without a list – the list doesn’t exist until your autoresponder mailing list starts filling up with names and email addresses!

The easiest and fastest way to build up an email list is to give things away for free. Some marketers will tell you that this is a waste of time – and if you already have a list of one hundred thousand people that you can market to, then it probably is. But for those who do not already have a list, this is the way that it gets built! You simply pay for advertisements to promote your I.F.O. (Irresistible Free Offer). Don’t think of this as lost money, think of it as an investment in future earnings.

Give away an ezine (newsletter), free reports, free ebooks, free access to private websites, or anything else that you can think of. The objective is to get people to sign up to receive that I.F.O., and to agree to receive email from you in the future! It is a win-win situation for everyone, but you get more than anyone else in the deal. The person gets an Irresistible Free Offer. You get their name and email address, and permission to email them in the future.

But if you do it right, you get even more than that. The I.F.O. that you give away should also be used to promote your products or services. Even if it just has affiliate links for products or services that are related to the topic of the I.F.O., it is a way to generate extra revenue. Then, when you send email in the future, you can again promote your products or services. Just be sure to include valuable information in the email as well, or you will have people dropping off of your autoresponder mailing list like flies!

Using every opportunity that is presented to you in the world of Internet Marketing is vital to your success. You have the opportunity to earn money in the I.F.O. that you create, you have the opportunity to earn money when you send the ‘thank you’ email after a person has requested your Irresistible Free Offer, and you have the opportunity to earn money every time an autoresponder message is sent out to that list in the future! Don’t waste those opportunities, and put it all in automatic mode with the use of an autoresponder.

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Social Media Tips – Participate and Interact

When planning your social media’s position in respect to your business, it’s important for you to ensure your interactions will be accepted positively by your online audience. You want to provide them with honest, helpful and genuine resources which can be helpful to them, either personally or for their own businesses. This means spending time researching hot topics, promoting your findings with those whom could benefit from your new knowledge. Be a leader in new topics, or try to answer someone’s questions.

By having this personal interaction with those who frequent your social media platforms, you are not only helping them with their own personal situations. You are providing yourself with a presence online. This presence is one your readers, customers and potential clients will grow to appreciate, and knowing you’re aware of what’s going on and reaching out to provide guidance or clarification whenever needed shows a lot about the kind of business you run.

If you enjoyed this post get more with my 21 Facebook Post ideas to Rock Your Facebook Page here.

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Christian Women Coaches – Entrepreneurs Empowerment: The Rumors Are True

Hello Powerful one,

I’m sharing a message I sent to my community. 

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This step-by-step Facebook Training System is going to take you by the hand and show you how to safely skyrocket your business online in the shortest time ever and enjoy as much high quality traffic as you want from Facebook.

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To Your Success,
Robin Tramble
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Empower Your Business: Grow Your List Fast

Have you heard the statement the money is in the list? Or an email list is the Business Owners Treasure?

 You’ve decided to grow your list at last. A good decision that will help increase your profits and build your business. Of course, you don’t want to waste time, so getting subscribers fast may be your priority.

And about my earlier questions… The money is in the relationship you build with the list. A quality, responsive email list is a Business Owner’s Treasure.

Here’s how to do it. Six steps are listed below.

1. Make a plan
2. Create a powerful sign up incentive
3. Get an autoresponder 
4. Set up your landing page
5. Spread the word (promote!)
6. Follow up

Interested in hearing more details on each step, Plus 9 Ideas for Growing Your List Fast?

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Empowering Christian Women Coaches: Do I Really Need A Social Media Presence?

Do you understand the benefits of Social Media?

Or are you overwhelmed, experiencing information overload and because of this you’ve put aside the thoughts of utilizing this tool?

Social Media has changed the way we do business, connect with friends,clients, prospects etc. and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere too soon. Social media sites give people the opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones and expand their professional network with only a few clicks, from the comfort of their own home.

Social Media includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Youtube and other networks, however, I’m going to highlight facebook during this post.

Facebook currently has over 400+ million users, making it larger than many of the world’s nations and it is growing every day. Additionally, this social media platform’s demographics are so diverse that it makes an ideal marketing vehicle. In fact, more than 50 percent of U.S. users are 26 years old and above, meaning that your marketing efforts will meet with even greater success as these are usually the people who make direct purchase decisions.

Hopefully you’re among the many businesses who are wising-up to the necessity of integrating social media into your traditional marketing strategies, which includes Facebook. whether you are in the B2B or B2C sector, you will still find Facebook highly effective.

Although Facebook is a great resource it is important that you remember that it is only a marketing tool as the principles have remained the same. What I mean is that you must still identify your target market, understand their needs and wants, build a relationship with them and only then attempt to share what you offer with them.

Consumers aren’t interested in doing business with faceless companies that hide behind a logo. Especially when they have so many other choices.

The key to successful social media marketing is to understand your audience and to build a relationship with them.

As with any business endeavor you need a plan and especially for your marketing strategy since you have so many options open to you that you would be hard pressed to keep track of everything without a plan to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

If you are going to get your market share? If you want your ideal clients to be able to find you then your Facebook and other Social media presence is important.

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Talk soon!



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How To Identify Your Dream Client

Making mistakes is a given for anyone above the earth. If there’s one mistake that new—and sometimes even established—business owners make, it’s this: failing to develop a clear vision of her dream client. This is true for Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Service Based Professionals and more.

Too often we think our service or product is “for everyone.” And while it might be true that everyone could use your help, it’s simply not possible for you and your brand to appeal to everyone. Your prices might not be in line with what some are in the market for. Your branding might not resonate with others. Your story may not touch everyone with the same sense of urgency.

And when you try to reach everyone, rather than narrowing your focus to your truly ideal or dream client, you dilute your message, making it even less likely that those perfect customers will find you.

But if you’re just starting out, it can seem an impossible task to know who your dream client is. Start with these three points.

1. Gender

Is your audience male or female? While men and women might both read and enjoy your content—and even buy your products—you will most likely find that your market is skewed heavily one way or the other. Men and women are different, and they are affected by stories and branding in very different ways, so what appeals to a man will not always appeal to a woman. Look around at some of the brands you buy, and you’ll quickly see how they form their messages to appeal to one or the other, but very rarely both.

2. Goals

What does your client hope to achieve, and how do your products and services help to realize those goals? Whether she’s trying to build a profitable crafting blog so she can stay home with her children, or he’s working to create an online resource for muscle car fans, if you don’t know where they’re going, you can’t help them get there.

3. His or her point in the journey

Is she a beginner or well along on the path? How you speak, how you write, what marketing methods you use, and even what prices you charge will all be determined by your dream client’s level of sophistication. Whether you’re teaching beginning knitters how to cast on, or helping couch potatoes train for their first 5k, their level of commitment (and willingness to spend) is far different from a long-time knitter who is discovering intarsia, or a runner working up to a triathlon. And you will not reach your market effectively if you don’t know exactly where they are and what they need at this point.

Of course, if you’re just starting out, you might not yet know who your ideal client is. That’s okay, too. But pay attention, because they will tell you. They’ll tell you through the products and services they buy. They’ll tell you by following you (or not) on social media. They’ll tell you by commenting on your blog and asking questions that are relevant to them.

Watch your interactions, study the businesses of those who contact you for help, and take a look at what your competition is doing, and soon enough you’ll have a clear understanding of who your dream client really is.

There are many other activities involved in this process, however, I’ve shared a few to get you started.
Would you like to learn more about this and other important steps to your most empowering, profitable and transforming business?

Start here. I invite you to download your FREE Copy of  3 Top [Authentic] Client Getting Strategies Proven To Get The Right Clients and Increase Conversions (Finally Resulting in an Income Impact)!
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Your dream client celebrates you, values your expertise and is willing and able to invest in your blessing (solutions). What else would you add to this?

Talk soon!





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The Power Of Focus Against Time Thieves

January 26, 2016 by  
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Are you a victim of Time thieves?
 Maybe that would be easier to answer if you knew what time thieves were. And quite possibly you already know what they are but need to be reminded of how much they are stealing from your Destiny, from your relationships, okay from your life.

Do you know the Power of Focus? What about Dynamic Focus against Time thieves?

As Christians we are called to be stewards of not only our finances but of our time, bodies and anything God has given us to manage.

A lack of productivity is one area that most women have a challenge with whether in business or their personal life.

A great hindrance to productivity is The Time Thief. One of the Time Thieves shared by many women marketing their business online is email overwhelm.

This can suck the life out of your empowering business success endeavors.

An essential key to manifesting your desired results is to get and stay focused. There is no way that you can have sustained focus with email overwhelm. Although when you allow yourself to get laser focused you gain an increased measure of power to seize every opportunity presented to you to conquer needed areas.

What is it that you’ve been giving your undivided attention to? Where is your focus?

Are you consumed by lost opportunities and are unable to move forward because you are focused on the loss?

Do you focus on fear instead of becoming confident and embracing a lifestyle of faith?

Broken focus can be a result of a lack of vision. I know that’s a little obvious, however, I’m not speaking of vision as in your eyesight but your vision for life and your business.


“Time with God renders Supernatural Focus!” This is one of the benefits, however, it also renders clarity of vision and so much more.

I  will share how to combat email overwhelm and cut off other Time Thieves on my Teaching Audio CD that will empower Christian Women Entrepreneurs to discover “Unmistakable Keys to Supernatural Focus that renders brain power, money power and strategies for business success!

You can get access here


Robin states “You don’t have to allow your biz to be held back by a life that’s out of order, broken focus, a lack of systems etc.”

Let this be the year you finally get it.

About Robin
Robin’s passion is empowering Christian Women, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, Leaders and Speakers to get focused, get unstuck, get out there in a BIG way while prospering and making a difference in the world “Authentically!” Robin is America’s Authentic Empowerment Specialist. She’s a Certified Social Media Marketing Campaign specialist. Coach, Author, Speaker and Music Professional. She prides herself in being committed to family as a wife, mother and Grandmother. She absolutely adores God.

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What’s Your Next Move For Your Most Epic Year Yet?

What will you do to make this Your Most Epic Year Yet?

Each day, week, Month, Year that we live we should always be striving to multiply, increase. Of course you don’t want to multiply bad habits, lack, however, you can look to upgrade various areas that you’ve identified as the area of focus.

One area that is only improving is Video Marketing.

If you’re not using Video have you identified the reason why?

**Video marketing increases audience engagement. Viewers invest more of their time, energy and attention to consume video content. Such an investment translates into increased engagement with the content – which tends to increase the viewer’s likelihood to comply with the video’s call to action.

Maybe you ask “what is a call to action or CTA?” It’s the action you desire someone to take. You call or lead them to take action.

By having such things as different types of audios or videos on your site, you’re
not only providing your visitors with better quality information which keeps
them on your page longer. You can also give things your own personal touch,
providing a voice or image for your potential clients and customers to connect

Do you hold back due to being camera shy?

Well I’ve got a nifty tool to share with you. You use photos, music (could be stock) and text.
Click here to learn more.

Already doing video? Revisit your Mission. Are there any areas you’ve been playing small that would greatly impact your Business goals when you take that next action you’ve hesitated on?

Always submit everything to God in prayer, first and foremost.

Make this your Most Epic Year Yet! 

Did you find value in this post?

I invite you to join me for My Most Epic Year Yet Master Class.

Click here to claim your spot.

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2016 Your Best Year Yet Choose To Lose on Purpose

Are you ready to make this your Most Epic Year Yet?

This has been a great time of gratitude and some sadness due to missing our beautiful gift our daughter. We have vowed to live out loud, live life to the fullest.
With God before us, in us and working through us…. We always Win!

God’s peace, love and strength be yours!!

I shared with a group of savvy women that I celebrate My Mother seizing the opportunities presented to her. It hasn’t been easy for her since my Dad passing, however, she knows that she must choose to live!

Which brings me to my thoughts for you. If this is going to be your best year yet you must…..
Choose to lose on purpose… choose to keep.

I thought 2015 would finish with my campaign “Finish Strong 2015” which would include a World-wide webinar at no cost. After some soul searching, prayer and a process I chose to lose that idea “on purpose” and chose to keep my peace, clarity of vision, celebration of my grief process and obedience to Father God. I acted quickly.

Another serious mistake is Procrastination. You don’t want to Procrastinate on this step.

What are you holding on to that you need to lose on purpose? What is it you need to keep, tweak and possibly upgrade? Are you sacrificing peace, God’s blessing and new ideas because you’re holding tightly to what has always been?

Staying in the same circle instead of branching out and connecting with those who inspire you to stretch, commit to God’s way of doing things, Reach for what’s impossible to man yet possible with God?

Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate.

This is so important.

This is a Segway from my finish strong 2015 campaign to 2016 Make This Your Most Epic Year Yet!

It starts here: Join a group of Spiritually Rich and Growing women and I for the first Empowerment Session of 2016. Click here to join us for this Premium Training, my Gift to you. But hurry! Right now there’s no cost to you.

Happy New Year!!


P.S. Again I’m excited about what Father God has planned for His children. Keep your eyes and ears open. Seize the moment! Claim your place here.
Be part of the movement. 2016: Your Most Epic Year Yet!

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Quick And Easy Profitable Twittering Strategies

Three Quick and Easy profitable Twittering strategies

What are your thoughts about using Twitter for business?

Twitter has been misunderstood by many, however, when used effectively it can lend itself to be a very empowering tool for any marketing endeavor. And then that all takes into again your goal(s).

I’m going to share four profitable Twittering strategies with you below. You don’t have to try to use everyone of them, however, do pick at least one to either refresh if you’ve tried it or start using.

Strategy #1 Generate Anticipation – Build Up To the Launch Event

Have you ever watched a launching campaign of another business owner? Or let’s take for instance a new movie. You’ll see preview after preview and maybe even fast food chains and others join in by merchandising as part of the launching campaign.

Twitter is a great way to help create anticipation. Post sneak peeks, samples, and links to content promoting the product before it is launched. Part of a successful launch is the anticipation of the new product.

Strategy #2 Offer Special Incentives

Consider making a special offer to your Twitter followers. For example, if you’re releasing a new service you can give your Twitter follower 10% off if they send you a direct message or a reply with the word #yourbusinessname in the message. Not only do you generate more awareness for your offer you’ll also generate sales for that new service and ultimately profits.

Of course you want to add scarcity to the mix. You can limit the offer. For example, limit the promotion to the first 100 who reply or retweet.

Strategy #3 Got a list? Want a list? Grow Your Opt-In List/Community

Whether you’re launching a new product or service you can begin to grow your list using Twitter. You can accomplish this by offering a free giveaway and teasing it on Twitter with a link to the opt-in page. You can also publish a blog post or article with a call to action in the article that sends readers to an opt-in page. Tease and link to the content on Twitter and watch your list grow. I don’t mean spam your followers but keep in mind the 60/20/20 ratio.

Okay here’s a bonus => Strategy #4 Publish Content

Have you ever seen other business owners provide content that offers part of a solution to a problem with a call to action that leads to a complete solution? This is a strategy used by many. The call to action is subtle and not aggressive. Merely a “Visit LINK to learn more about…” type of link.

The link then leads to either a squeeze or sales page for a product or service. You can use Twitter to promote the content and drive traffic to that content and thus ultimately to your sales or squeeze page.

Which one of the strategies mentioned will you use to increase your visibility and amp up your manifested desired results?

How would you like to learn more from me about experiencing social media success?

I invite you to join me for my Social Media For Business and Ministry Masterclass. 

Click here to register and secure your place for this Social Media For Business training. Can’t make the live call? Register and a VIP notice will be sent to you with the replay link.

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