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Empowering women: Reader Q & A How do I identify and overcome negative/limiting beliefs?

Reader Q & A How do I identify and overcome negative or limiting beliefs

How to identify and overcome negative or limiting beliefs?

In my interaction with women I find that many are struggling with limiting and/or negative beliefs. And there are some who are in denial and feel that they don’t have any limiting beliefs. Entertaining limiting beliefs will only sabotage your empowering success and I am out to help you finally be free of the control of
limiting belief. My passion is empowering women and this is one area that blocks many from realizing their desires.

Read what one of my clients stated about identifying a limiting belief……

Pay attention to part B of her testimonial

One of my success statements was related to me exercising on a regular basis. While I am not grossly overweight, I was carrying more weight than my small frame could handle. I knew this because my knees started to hurt constantly. After emailing Robin my success statements, I committed to it. In addition to exercising I actually went a step further and did some clean up in my diet. I can report today that I have lost 5 pounds to date. I feel better and my knees don’t hurt nearly as much.

I also sent in my limiting belief. At first I did not feel as if I had one but through prayer I found that I did. And it was a big one! I have proceeded with my action steps and praise God, He has confirmed what I needed confirmation of. I’m still doing both action steps and I know these will keep me moving forward toward success. I would never have identified this had Robin not challenged us with this. Thank you Robin!”

Mari Taylor – Author
Extraordinary Woman Extraordinary life Silver Group Coaching program

One of the first steps to identifying your limiting or negative beliefs is awareness.

You have belief systems that were formed early on in your life. Think about some of the things that come up for you when embarking on a new journey or undertaking a new task.

Do you start off with a bang only to be tripped up by negative chatter or negative/limiting beliefs?

Overcoming your limiting beliefs entails becoming aware, identifying the belief and reprogramming. And please know this…. it didn’t happen overnight so the reprogramming is not going to happen overnight. It’s a process.

What are your beliefs?

What are your thoughts about money?
Do you say things such as “I don’t deserve to have money”
“The love of money is evil” “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
“I’ll never have enough money” Are any of these thoughts or beliefs that you share? Where did they come from? By the way the correct
statement is “The love of money is the root of all evil.”
If you want to realize exponential growth you must, and I repeat must arise and discover where you are, how you got there and where you want to go. You then want to discover what you need to get where you
want to go and shine!
For this you need an accountability measure such as a coach or mentor.
You must make the choice to change your beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs and mindset shifts. Replace your old systems with
new effective systems and more.

The wrong mindset also fuels limiting beliefs.

Are you ready to realize Transformation? Ready to discover how to rid yourself of those limiting beliefs? How to master your mindset and realize your best year ever? Secure your copy of my video series “Mindset Secrets for Empowering success!”

You’ll hear more about limiting beliefs. The power of the mind and more!

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Say yes to your best year ever!!

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