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Empowering Women – Women Entrepreneurs: Dangers of Playing Small

Empowering Women – Women Entrepreneurs : The Dangers of Playing Small

How many opportunities have you missed out on or dreams have been sabotaged because of your playing small? I’m going to share 5 dangers of playing small. This is a very important read and I share it because of my passion of empowering women and women entrepreneurs.

1. Playing small sends a message to young women that we don’t deserve more.
I can’t tell you how many times my girls (now young women) have shared, how my pursuit of my best empowered life and strong faith has enabled them to reach for more and refuse to whine and make excuses for why they can’t do what they need to. This includes my oldest who was diagnosed with MS and later told it was NMO (a good thing in some ways). She lost her vision at one point and continued to reach and yes she did recover and we all received great empowerment through the journey. She remained independent
even while attending school. My youngest who started in middle school pursuing her dream of attending a black university, received the Gates millennium scholarship, stayed off the dorm, graduated and went to France for the Cannes Film program. They had their challenges and yet they were influenced by my life and their Father’s, my husband and their strong faith.

2. You stop the supernatural divine intervention of God from flowing in your life. Our God is a BIG God and when we play small we are not allowing Him to be who He is and will be to us.

3. You feed the mindset of mediocrity. There is so much more available and when you play small you’re settling. It’s important that you are motivated to reach for more, reach for excellence.

4. You remain in the zone of what could of been. This is not good. Instead of your energies going toward fueling your dreams by being clear on your vision, purpose and goals and then learning how to advance towards achievement you’re constantly looking back and reflecting on what could have been. Don’t look back at the end when it’s too late wondering what could have been. The time is now. It’s all you have.

5. And last but definitely not least is that you’re held in bondage to and fuel low self esteem and a lack of confidence. You cannot possibly feel too good about yourself when you play small. You’re subjected to
comparing yourself with others and may even become very critical of others because you are not happy with yourself and therefore also don’t have very healthy relationships.

If you feel that you’ve been playing small it’s not too late to change it. I invite you to begin today. Open the door to your big, bold and beautiful life.

Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting more. This is your life and there are many that need to hear your message and benefit from your gift(s). As I always say “God’s gift to us is life and what we do with it is our gift back to him!”

Make a quantum leap. There’s no time to move slow. Of course you use wisdom and chart your course, however, it’s time to have a mindset shift to “Quantum leaps.” Think Big, Dream Big, Play a bigger game and live Big! Live Big, Bold and Beautiful with no apologies!

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7 Responses to “Empowering Women – Women Entrepreneurs: Dangers of Playing Small”
  1. Fabulous article! Women are breaking the glass ceiling int he corporate arena but still seem to be trapped in a box when it comes to entrepreneurial venture. Thank you for give us permission to want more and leave the mediocrity behind!

  2. Great article. I love “You stop the supernatural divine intervention of God from flowing in your life. Our God is a BIG God and when we play small we are not allowing Him to be who He is and will be to us.” This is SO true! When God is involved, everything has a purpose.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks Mandy. It is so true. God wants to be part of our lives in a BIG way. He can only do what we allow Him to. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Awesome article Robin! Playing it small is playing it safe. When we play it small we continue to attract what we create.

    When we play with a next leveling mentality we open doors for abundance to flow. We have to continue to stretch ourselves to reach our goals and dreams that other may think are unobtainable.

  4. Awesome article Robin! When we play it small we play it safe. We have to continue to stretch ourselves. When we begin to have a next leveling mentality we can reach our goals and dreams and become an example for other women. It is so important for us to step outside of our comfort zone so we can reach our full potential.

    • Robin says:

      Great Leisa! You’re right on point. Women need other women to be “authentic” and model what it really means to have success. It’s not all peaches and cream, however, there will be occasions for some peaches and some cream mixed with a little ready? Vinegar…….. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Robin says:

    Great point Benecia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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