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Empowering your Children and Teens

Empowering our Children

I have a free report Barriers to Empowerment and I ask each recipient of my report what their most pressing question is about empowerment. One gentleman answered “How to empower my children.” I thought it was very endearing and also knew that he was very serious by some of the other detail.

I don’t know if we understand how much our actions and choices speak into our children’s lives.

My children are 29, 27, 25 and 19. When we were raising them we didn’t know how much of what we were telling them was sticking, however, our consistency in our discipline and love I’m sure was a great influence on their lives. Today they are very successful in their own rights. Our baby daughter just returned to DC to finish her Masters degree and they all love the Lord.

You empower your children by being authentic. There will be times when your children will test you. You teach them to be honest and to tell the truth. There will be times that you are put in a situation where you will validate either #1 that you are honest and truthful or #2 that you are a fake and can’t be trusted. Yes, it’s that serious. I’ve had an occasion actually my husband and I to have change given back to us and it was more than we know it should have been. At this time your children’s or teen’s ears become very attentive. They may not look up but believe me they are watching and listening. This will be the true test to your authenticity. I am proud to say that they have caught us being honest and truthful. You might say well they are practically the same thing. No, there is a difference.

You empower your children by taking a stand. Whether it’s standing on something you told them or taking a stand for what you believe. My son has mentioned that he has been given opportunity to reflect on our stand for our Faith. There wasn’t a question of whether we were going to church or not as a family when they were younger. He went on to say we even made it seem that it was their choice. He didn’t know how we did that but it worked. When you take a stand you give them security and something to believe in while at the same time empowering them to make their own choices. And I know from my own experience that a personal relationship with Father God goes a long way when it comes to empowerment.

You empower them by living life to the fullest and being grateful. Our children also have an occasion to see how we respond to crisis, times of shortage, disappointment and more. You can tell them how to act and what to do, however the empowerment comes when they watch your choices especially when you think no one’s looking. Are you a parent who complains about every little thing? Or do you see the bright side. Do you talk about people and participate in gossip? Or do they see you trying to encourage others to demonstrate kindness.

There’s a lot that I could say, however, here’s one last thing; You empower your children and teens when you take the time to apologize. I’m not saying that you need to apologize for every little thing, however, this empowers them so much that I believe it speaks into their value and helps build a healthy self-esteem.

I said one more but I have to say this. Time. Yes, Time. You empower them by giving of your time. Not when you feel they need it but at the moment they require it. And when it’s their time give them your undivided attention. If you’re going to see them perform at school, don’t take your laptop and say I can get caught up on some work. This affects them more than you know. When they come home let them see you happy to see them not as if they’re an interruption to your day.

There you have it. I know I need to just give over to writing a book and actually there are individuals that have said they would help promote it. I’ve shared just a little to encourage you to use what’s in you. Start where you are and of course education and other things will help to empower your children and teens.
Moms you empower your girls by being confident, authentic, passionate women who respect yourselves and don’t allow others to disrespect you and who are not afraid to walk by Faith and pursue your dreams with action. Men you empower your sons by being a protector, provider, loving and laughing. Standing strong but yet not too strong to have compassionate loving conversations with your son. Allowing them to see you strong in your Faith.

If your children are in their early years, cherish these years. Time flies and one day you’ll look back longing for those days again.

I’d love to read your comments.

Empowering you,

Robin aka “The Empowerment Diva”

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