Friday, March 22, 2019

Family Empowerment: Memories

Family Empowerment: Memories

Our family spent the day out and about in Sunny California. I cherish moments like this. We can get so busy with life and making a living that we forget to live.

What does this have to do with Family Empowerment? Read on to find out more.

I remember taking trips with our family when I was little and it made me feel so special. Sometime my daddy would just say he wanted to go to Canada on a Friday night and off we went. On one occasion we were traveling and we went through St. Louis and as I recall it I vowed to return to see the big Arch again. Well, that happened for me all expenses paid through my job as the Director of Education.
When I learned that I was going a smile came on my heart as I recalled the memory of our family traveling and the sacrifices my mom and dad made for us. I had 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

When I grew up and had a family it was natural for us to go on trips and take time to do things with our children. We share so many memories. There were times that we wanted to turn around and go back home (you know what I mean), however, we never regretted any of our ventures. I miss those times. We know our children enjoyed it and today our son and his wife spend much time with their daughters traveling and taking them on various outings.

What other benefits come from spending time together?

One thing as I mentioned is the treasure of memories that you store up.

Another thing is family empowerment. One definition of empowerment is being enabled to do what it is you need to do and as a family we must work together, support one another, encourage each other to be successful, tell each other what we may not want to hear, be there to listen even if we don’t have the answer, be a friend,weather the storms of life together and more. When you take time to make memories you are enabling the family unit to do what it needs to do. Of course our union with our Father God empowered us as well.

Self esteem is built. When you take time to take your family on outings whether you can take them across the states, the world or to the zoo, the park or wherever, giving time is the most precious treasure and will assist in building the esteem of the children.

A bond is created. Spending time together besides the usual sitting around the house watching television, working or browsing on the computer speaks volumes to the value that you place on your family. A bond is created that will remain even through the tough times, even when it seems you’ve grown apart.

Don’t let life get so busy that you neglect to take the time to create memories with your family. Whether there are 2 of you or 8 of you it’s important for the empowerment of your family.

Are you creating life or is life creating you? ~ Robin Tramble

Empowering you,

Robin aka The Empowerment Diva

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