Friday, October 19, 2018

[Power Point] One Mistake Women Make that Automatically Sabotages Relationships of Value

One mistake women make that automatically sabotages any relationship of value

Have you ever asked someone how they are only to feel dumped on and all of the energy sucked out of you? One mistake women make that automatically sabotages any relationship of value is being or sending off the signal or vibe that they are needy. Yes, I said needy. women can take the question how are you for granted and dump on the receiver all their problems or the prominent one at hand yielding themselves as a needy individual. ………………………………….

Believe me no-one wants to be on the receiving end of the whiner, complainer, the sponge… sure as women we want to be nurturers, supporters…… but ladies! We’re talking about building relationships and the one thing that can sabotage or tear down a relationship is to be a drainer. Now , where it concerns our husbands, coworkers, employees this is a no… no…. Men are already said to be headliners when it comes to communication and the best thing to draw them away is to be needy a whiner a complainer.

What do you do? Categorize your problems…. is this urgent, Can this person resolve my issue? who is my audience? Am I in a committed relationship with this individual or is this a casual acquaintance. Those
are just a few things to keep in mind.

How empowering! This was short and powerful, however, I know it resonated with many of you. 

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