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Snapshots of a Mighty Woman of God – Take off the Mask

Snapshots of A Mighty Woman of God

Take off the Mask

The mask………some
 will admit to the daily ritual of
preparing to go before your peers,co-workers,
employees,                      church family, friends, classmates ending with the last step                 ….the 
mask. We can’t allow anyone to know about our flaws.


A woman flawed. Disempowering habits.
Fear of rejection and possibly fear of 


Could this
be? You refuse to remove the mask
because they might find out. Find out what?
                                             That I too have 
challenges, and may even have


Mask – Covering
 for all or part of the face as a
disguise or for protection
. After 29 (now
31) years of                        marriage, 4 children who are now young adults,                                           I can tell you 
there is no joy, peace or fulfillment in                             wearing and hiding behind a mask. It
 may start out                                   as the perfect remedy to cover our feelings of                              inadequacies or 
reward us with temporary friendships                             and fool some of the people some of the 
however, it doesn’t last and it is not rewarding.                                                 I repeat it is not


A few side
effects are: stress, broken
relationships, regret, bitterness, lack of
 confidence,                        continued low self esteem and anger. Most of all it                                   is a barrier,
it stops God from having the
opportunity to heal our feelings of inadequacy,                                    rejection,
intimidation,inferiority, abandonment, loneliness etc.                   You see, Father God 
wants to touch
you right where it hurts the most. Our job is to acknowledge
                   these areas and bring them to him.


The other
barrier is that it stops relationships
that God wants to bring into our lives
(true, genuine relationships). Friends who will be there regardless; Friends
                                          who accept the good and the bad and who realize                                   like you they are not perfect
and will provide grace and build you up.


Where is
 the mask at home, before our husbands, our
children, parents, immediate family?
We wear a mask at                       these times however, I have found through my personal
             experiences, counseling and coaching others that
we are selective about wearing
a mask in these instances.


“You don’t
really know a person until you have
observed his behavior with a child, a flat
tire, when the boss                       is away, and when he thinks no one will ever know.”                            Author


Well that
is true the above determines an
individuals character…who you are when no-one’s


Father God
knows who you are and he still loves
you. He wants so much to help you…. if you
will just let him.                     It’s time for us to lift each other…. it’s time to help each                         
other, comfort each other with the
comfort we’ve been comforted with. 

How can
we unless we take off the mask and
let Father God work?


Why do we
do this? Is there an issue with low self
esteem? Are we afraid to allow
people to get close and see the real person?


If you
want to live your best-empowered life it is
necessary to discover your authentic self and celebrate                              the authentic you.
Maybe you’ve lost years to living pretentiously, some of                          you may not even know yourself because you’ve worn                            this mask for so long. Besides it also fuels
disempowering behaviors.


It’s time.
Finally realize a life of empowerment,
purpose, passion and prosperity.
Ladies,                                                    it’s ok ….. take off the mask. Be free
and celebrate the authentic you, embrace the                                uniqueness of you. Arise savvy
woman, woman entrepreneur, WAHM and shine!


Snap Shot:
You are a woman by God’s design. He
wants to present you (his workmanship) to
the world for                            His glory. You still have challenges, may have flaws however …..


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© Robin

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5 Responses to “Snapshots of a Mighty Woman of God – Take off the Mask”
  1. Sybil says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the prayer you left for the folks who are impacted by the death of Pastor Tims. Keep praysing Him!!! Amen.

  2. Robin says:

    You’re welcome. It was a great sadness that came over my heart. I remember when I first saw this POWERFUL couple I prayed “Lord protect them.” The enemy fights hard against POWERFUL people of God but even more so against married couples. Praise God for Pastor Riva continuing on in ministry. Continued prayers. Yes We’ll keep Praysing HIM!

  3. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  4. fil says:

    thank you admin .

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