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The Devastating Truth about The Effects of an Unhealthy Soul

The Devastating Truth about The Effects of an Unhealthy Soul


Empowering Christian Women tips


Empowering Christian Women has been something I’ve been doing for years. Empowerment can be a controversial subject, however, I’m not speaking of a feminist movement. 

Are you satisfied with where your life is right now?

Yes? Great!


No? Could an unhealthy soul be holding you back?


Past hurts, relationships,, society, environment can all affect your soul and unless
you deal with it you’ll continue to go on throughout life affected by an
unhealthy hurting soul.


One hindrance to a healthy soul are health challenges such as depression.


Are you experiencing depression?


The Causes of Depression


in the Christian world can be seen as a negative and many avoid addressing this
because of this. You must understand that depression is normal. It is a symptom
of something upsetting the balance in your life. There are many causes for
depression, as you will see below. The causes may be physical, mental,
emotional or spiritual.




The factor
that contributes a lot to depression is a sense of deprivation, or simply a
feeling of being lost. This sense of loss may be real or just in the mind.




• Negative
thinking. This can include pessimistic and Defective Thinking.


Have you heard the statement “it’s all in the mind?” This can never be truer. As I’ve
often stated thoughts like an action are energy. Positive thoughts render
positive energy. Negative thoughts render negative energy. If you think that
your life is in the dumps, then it probably is. If you think that the problems
you face are exciting challenges that will lead you closer to success, instead
of thinking of them as real unsolvable problems, then you probably won’t feel
depressed. It all depends on your attitude.


• Impractical Expectations Not Attained


Say for instance you’re expecting to be promoted as manager, but someone else gets the job, then re-assess yourself if you really deserve to get the position.


If you didn’t meet the qualification, then work harder and don’t get disappointed. If
you are worthy for the job but your efforts are not being noticed, then forget
about it. Shift your focus on other worthwhile goals. Life is too short to be
spent on things beyond our control. And what you focus on expands right?


• Low Self Esteem


If you have low self-esteem or self-confidence it’s been stated that you’ll have a
higher chance of being diagnosed with depression. Here is one of many limiting
beliefs that may be always running in their minds:

Everything I do is wrong.

 We must arise from this state of mind. Whether you see to consult a physician or not is not the most important thing. God must be at the forefront of every decision, every plan you make.

Here’s an empowering verse: 

This is an excerpt from the third call in my empowering Teleseries.


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God has given each of us our own will so this means that although you need healing for your soul it doesn’t mean that He’s going to impose upon your will. You must choose to receive healing. Empowering you! 

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