Friday, November 24, 2017

The Power of loving yourself

The POWER of loving yourself

Have you read in the bible where it says love others as you love yourself?
The problem is that all too many times individuals don’t love themselves.

Do you love yourself? I know that’s kind of an awkward question, however, you probably haven’t given too much thought to it or you have no problems with loving yourself.

I’m going to share with you the Power of loving yourself.

Boosts Confidence
When you love yourself you display an air of confidence that sets you apart from others. I’m not talking about arrogance I’m speaking of confidence.

Increases Focus
When you love yourself you eliminate broken focus why? Because you are less prone to distractions and if you haven’t heard me refer to fatal distractions it’s one thing that can sabotage your empowering success. Another thing that comes into play is you don’t participate as much in comparisons and therefore the focus is increased not on the other individual’s success, and ability to speak better (so you think) but on your goals and dreams.

You’re able to walk in the Authority of your Divine Queen-ship
It’s one thing to embrace yourself as a Queen and another to embrace the Divine Queen referred to here as a “Mighty Woman of God.” When you love yourself you embrace the fullness of that and walk in your authority. You know your value and uniqueness and have tapped into your brilliance.

You are a woman of purpose
Loving yourself allows you to focus on purpose. You don’t have to follow every bright and shiny object because the top guru or other says so, however, you have identified your vision, purpose and walk in that.

You are free to receive the Love of God

You are free to forgive and love others

You leave a Powerful living legacy to all of the young girls that need to see evidence of the Power of loving yourself, Young boys too but you get what I’m saying.

I could keep going, however, these are foundational facts that demonstrate the power of loving yourself.

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