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Women’s Empowerment: Beware of the enemy within

Women’s Empowerment: Beware of the enemy within

Are you your own worst enemy?

How many times have you started out with a Bang and end up with a fizz?
It goes something like this. You have a great idea or maybe we’ll call it a bright idea. You’re excited and can’t sleep at night because ideas are flowing and you can’t turn it off. You jump up ready to go and put some things in place. This keeps up for about a week and slowly but surely you start winding down.
Or maybe you’ve struggled with fear, low self esteem, a lack of confidence and you have a good week and another two good weeks so you think everything is peachy cream until one day you hit a low.

What happened?
Why can’t you keep it going? Why can’t you sustain the motivation?
You are operating off of the high of self preservation, innovation and creation but lack the internal wiring to sustain your motivation. You recognize a need to develop the skills needed to change things, however, you talk yourself out of it due to a one-day, week, month wonder.

Can we be real (authentic) here. What’s happening on the inside? Is there a void and you’re trying to fill it with external things? Is your inner critic louder than your healthy spirit and soul?

Are you suffering from an independent spirit and refuse to acknowledge your need to step out of yourself and get the support you need?

It’s important that you nurture your spirit, soul and body. Take time to lay a solid foundation by settling and mastering your psychology which includes things such as your mindset, limiting beliefs etc., get clear on your vision, setting and writing down effective goals and applying strategies that will allow you to realize your goals.

Without this your efforts will be a hit and miss.
Next it’s important that you connect with an accountability partner. I say this often, however, it’s key to your overall empowering success. If you continue to have episodes such as what I mentioned above you’ll soon become discouraged and conclude that business success is just not for you leading you to abandon your dream and return to the routine 9 to 5 job.

Are you your own worst enemy? Yes, you can be. If you neglect to acknowledge where you are and seek out support to resolve your concerns and simply apply a band-aid by coming up with the next best bright idea or sucking in yet another teaching of the next best Guru you are your own worst enemy. If you push down the negative chatter, disempowering behaviors and limiting beliefs due to a sudden surge of empowerment instead of dealing with the internal, you are your own worst enemy.

Beware of the enemy within!

No one’s going to commit to your destiny like you. No one’s going to do whatever it takes to realize your dreams, “YOUR diamond life” like you will.

The time is now to stand up for yourself. Seek out support. Your challenges don’t have to overtake you. You can soar above them.

Arise and shine. It’s your life. Say yes to your Total Transformation!

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