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Breakthrough Strategies to Attract New Clients and Build Your Income Fast

Breakthrough Strategies to Attract New Clients and Build Your Income Fast!

One thing that seems to be a common thread among Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors etc. is a lack of direction on how to attract and get clients.

Do you find yourself becoming anxious about clients/customers? Will they connect? Maybe I need to lower my prices? There’s no need for another life coach like me. Well you are partially right, however, you must differentiate yourself from all of the rest. It is true that there are thousands of life coaches. It doesn’t have to be the end of the story for you.

Become clear on who your target market is and how you will serve that target market. Move forward with courage and confidence. Keep this quote in mind “Some will, Some won’t and Some are WAITING!” Author Unknown

Do the homework to empower yourself to become positioned to attract and be where your ideal prospects/clients are.

What? A target market? Maybe you’re wondering if doing this will limit who can have access to you? Or doesn’t it make my fishing area smaller? “No. It empowers you to actually leverage your time and money. It gives your ideal prospect/client a chance to identify you and see you as the solution to their problem. It increases your client attraction, your client magnetism.” Says Robin Tramble

Robin also places great emphasis here “Never, never allow yourself to be in a place of desperation. Put it out there with regard to who you’d like to have as your client/customer. Submit it to God. Align the word with your desire and build your Faith. Spend time with God. Seek wisdom. Don’t worry and expect. There’s power in expectation, whether negative or positive.”

There are a few more things you’ll want consider when thinking about your client attraction system.

You’re going to need to consider your Client Strategy and Preparation.
But before you can successfully implement new strategies to generate more leads, you need to understand why previous and current efforts may not have brought you the success you desired. (Or, perhaps, why they didn’t work at all.)

You need to jolt yourself out of familiar patterns of thinking, so that you don’t fall back into that all-too-familiar scenario where you either never implement what you’ve learned or abandon new strategies after too easily becoming disheartened or sucked back into the pressures of life.

How about getting clients in your sleep?

Whether you think of your business as entirely service based or not you need to create products that will earn income for you and attract potential new clients while you are busy working with clients, producing individual results, analyzing your market, tracking results, brainstorming new services or steps for clients to take, spending time with your children, your spouse, walking your dog, vacationing, reconnecting with relatives – or sleeping.

Adding passive income creation strategies can attract clients by:

• Providing potential clients instant access to your services

• Filling a stop-gap need so satisfactorily, they will return to explore your services

• Providing potential clients with the “answer” they need – when they need it

• Increasing your visibility

• Building your reputation

• Establishing you as an expert in your field
• Setting you apart from competitors who don’t offer products in addition to services

And more!

Robin has created a Power-packed Training to support you in your endeavors to attract new clients and increase your income fast!

You’re invited to attend Rapid Social Media and Online Business Success System Training series.

Registration is being accepted here http://bit.ly/attractclientsnow


You’ll want to attend this training if you’re serious about establishing a plan for your best year yet that renders increased leads, clients, customers and profits without the overwhelm and stress.





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