Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ask Robin – What one thing will enhance the success of My endeavors using Social Media?

Ask Robin : What one thing will enhance the success of my endeavors using Social Media?

There are about 5 steps I share on creating a profitable experience when using Social Media. Many individuals just start setting up accounts with no clear direction and no plan and complain when they don’t manifest their desired results.

So here’s one of those steps.

Get clear on goal. What is it that you want to accomplish with each platform?

Is it to build your list/community and extend your reach, get clients, connect with like-minded individuals etc. Knowing this will help guide you in achieving another step which is to identify your strategy.

Stop now and write down your goal(s) what you want to accomplish with Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. There are other Social Platforms such as Blogging and You Tube. Pick one that is ideal for your Business Model and Goals.

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