Thursday, February 21, 2019

Build Your List with Authentic Teleseminars Webinars That Sell

Build Your List With Authentic Teleseminars That Sell

Build Your List

What I’m about to share with you is probably not new to you. It’s been around for a few and could be the very reason that many don’t value this strategy.

I’ve been using Teleseminars and Webinars for a while now and they are one of my favorite methods to use for list building and client attraction.

Why use Teleseminars/Webinars for list building?

Free Teleseminars/Webinars are really effective as a list building strategy when:
• You’d like to allow individuals an opportunity to know about you and your services
• You want to demonstrate what you can do for your prospect/participant
• You’re planning to introduce a new product or series
• You’re covering a “hot” trend or news-breaking topic
• You’re planning to introduce a high-ticket item or service
• You have particularly strong skills it’s an asset to showcase in action

It’s important that you decide why you’re doing a Teleseminar/Webinar.

What you should never do is host a free webinar because everyone else is doing it. Make it part of an overall strategy — and know exactly why you’re doing it… and what its single most important purpose is.

Giving a free webinar should be comparable to getting a taste of premium ice cream on a hot day.

Imagine your participant wanting more. Here’s the trick you want them to leave wanting more without feel as if they were cheated.

Yes, there is a certain art to it, however, it’s not complicated. Think of it as you and your friend having a casual conversation.

What if there’s little to no participants?

Great question and that could happen, however, there’s a way that you can monetize your Teleseminar/Webinar even if you have little to no participants. I’ll share this on my next Webinar.

Would you like to learn more about this profit-boosting Strategy?

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2 Responses to “Build Your List with Authentic Teleseminars Webinars That Sell”
  1. Dot Hurley says:

    I so agree about doing something authentically. Everyone keeps telling me I should be doing teleseminars and webinars because its the way to do things. However I don’t feel I am ready to offer my best just yet and would rather wait until I have a good reason and a program to promote.

  2. Robin says:

    Great Dot! It’s important to be authentic, know why you’re hosting the event and have a program to promote, however, there’s a quote that says you don’t have to be perfect just get started. You can begin asking the right questions and receive the answers you need to move forward. Whether it’s the way to do things or not, if it’s not in full alignment with your objectives and you haven’t given thought to why you’re doing the Teleseminar and where it fits, why do it? Your prospects will be looking for more from you whether it’s an empowering (sales) conversation that leads to sharing how you can support them or a product/program. Thank you for your comment.

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