Monday, July 15, 2019

Christian Women in Business: Why it’s important now more than ever that you GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT!

Attention Christian Women in Business

First let me say this from one Christian Woman in Biz to another.
One WAHM and mompreneur to another and from one Daughter of
God to another.

It’s your responsibility to express your gifts in a BIG way!!

You’re a unique one of a kind Gift of God.

I’ve never experienced as much opposition before as I have to my upcoming call.
I was instructed to do a call specifically to Christian Women in Business. The response is great, however, the women’s access to the registration information on facebook tried to be hindered.

That is why I know that it is important now more than ever for you to do everything you know to do and what you don’t know to do align yourself with the resource and accountability partner to help you do it.

As a daughter of Father God you are to represent integrity, good character, excellent morals and values. Why wouldn’t there be opposition to empowering you to get your message out?

You are empowered even more when you glean from the expertise and wisdom of one who shares your principles and values.

So, I want you to keep reading on how I want to assist you in getting your message out and take me up on my invitation to join your sisters for a very special call.

If you’re not involved in the marketing activity of building your list/community consistently you won’t attract your ideal clients/customers and without clients/customers you won’t have revenue and without revenue your business will cease.

One great way to get your message out is through list/community building.

And don’t tell me that you’re not worried about the money because it’s not just about you. You can empower others on a greater level with money. You can be a blessing without having to check your bank account so with more money.

Okay I know you’ve heard that the money is in the list, however, maybe you can’t seem to make it work for you. Or you’re having results but not to the extent that you desire.

Is it really true that the money is in the list? Or are there other elements essential
to realizing the fruits from your list.

Maybe you have questions such as……

“How do I get started?”

“What’s the quickest way to realize results?”

“How can I persuade prospects to subscribe?”

“What’s a squeeze page?”

“I’m not handy with all that tech stuff so how can I get started without a
fancy website?”

I’m glad you asked. All of the above and more will be covered in my upcoming free call.

Get your message out! 5 sure-fire strategies to build your list.
Everyone is welcome, however, this time the call is designed with the Christian Woman/Mom in business in mind.

When: Wednesday, September 29
Time: 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST
Where: From the comfort of your home

Can’t make the call? The audio replay will be available to
all registrants.

Secure your seat here http://bit.ly/christianwomanbiz

You don’t want to miss it. There’s a reason why there’s been opposition to the magnitude that it has. Talk to you soon!

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