Sunday, September 15, 2019

Christian Women In Business Tips: The Power of Facebook for Small Businesses & Ministries

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What are your thoughts about Facebook? Do you see the value? Dislike Social Media all together?
Do you become anxious or overwhelmed at the thought of using Facebook? Whatever your thoughts
you’re not alone.

Christian Women In Business, Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers, Authors  and even Ministry Leaders and their Marketing/Advertisement staff will find that Facebook can lend itself to some very pleasing results where it concerns marketing your business and/or ministry.

The success of any business is mainly dependent on the kind of advertising that has been put in place. It is through advertising that the business gets popularity among the people which ultimately leads to increased sales. Notably, this venture is always a major cost for most businesses and can therefore be a limiting factor for small businesses.

This is the reason why one should consider Facebook for Small Businesses and ministry. Facebook has proved to be very essential for small and upcoming businesses, not only in advertising, but also throughout the running. For one intending to start a small business, Facebook should be an option on your list due to several dominant reasons. I’ll share a few of those reasons below.

For starters you need to market your business in order to get an increase in sales. As I often remind my clients and brilliant women in my community; Sales are not marketing and marketing isn’t sales. Many forms of marketing may be quite expensive to a small business, which has limited financial capabilities during inception. Therefore, Facebook can be an ideal option to consider. The cost you incur while marketing on this social platform is considerably much lower compared to other forms of marketing. Thus, it plays a role in minimizing one’s expenditure on marketing fees.

Through this social media, one also has the opportunity of availing themselves of adequate information concerning the business to the people. You can ideally, post the business history, product descriptions and much more to the clients. This is much more effective if you have an active Facebook page. Through the page, clients get to know a lot concerning the business, including all of the services and products on offer.

Notably, no business can operate without good communication between the staff and its clients. This has led to the provision of customer care numbers to clients by the different businesses. However, if one wants to minimize the costs and still ensure adequate communication, then Facebook is the best solution.

Through Facebook, you can easily communicate with the clients using messages if they need expert feedback on issues related to the products. Furthermore, if one wants to minimize the queries by the clients, you can easily post solutions to questions frequently asked by customers.

Got Traffic? The increase of traffic to your business or ministry site is yet another benefit. As you start a business, you need to have increased traffic to your site which can be sometimes difficult or expensive through other means. However, one can easily achieve this by posting a link on Facebook, which can resultantly direct the clients to the main site by just a click. It is also convenient as the people already know what to expect when visiting the site.

Still, another benefit which a small business or ministry will accrue from this social site is on the uploading of videos and pictures concerning their business. After all, there is no better way of communicating to clients than through visual displays. In addition to this, one can also tag people to the videos and photos. When tagged, the images will appear on that person’s timeline, which will in turn be viewed by all of their friends.

Conclusively, Facebook for Small Businesses and Ministry is one of the most reliable and cost effective ways of giving your Business and/or Ministry a Boost.

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