Thursday, February 21, 2019

Do this one thing on your website and sabotage your efforts to get new leads

website mistakes

Remember the flashy, animated websites that were the going trend a little while back? Oh. Is that your website now?

Well depending on your industry and niche that may be the worst thing you could do on your website if your aim is to get new leads and I know Christian women entrepreneurs, coaches , authors and speakers are interested in reaching out to more individuals and representing in excellence.

The one thing you must determine for each page of your website is the objective of each page. What is it you want the visitor to do on that page?

The one thing you may be doing on your website that’s sabotaging your efforts to get new leads is adding too much on your Home page thereby confusing the visitor.

When a visitor lands on your Home page there shouldn’t be too many things for him/her to choose from.
Have you heard the quote “a confused mind doesn’t buy?” It’s true. When you give them too much to view they get confused and probably end up leaving your site. Hopefully you’ve done something about them simply leaving without having a chance to build rapport with them. I’ll share more on this during my upcoming Webinar.

But for now make a decision to simplify your home page. There are 3 other pages on your site that you want to focus on. I’ll share this on The much anticipated Brand New Webinar – How to get new leads, clients, customers and increase your cash flow mojo “Authentically!”

I invite you to claim your free access here

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