Monday, July 15, 2019

Effective Social Media Marketing is not for the lazy

Effective Social Media Marketing is not for the lazy individual

Yep. I said it. And I know what I’m talking about. I have achieved a measure of success via effective Social Media Marketing and it’s not just because I’m a certified Social Media Marketing Campaign Speciailist. I was doing the needed things and making the necessary sacrifices long before that.

How did I get started with Social Media. It all began when I needed to quit my job to care for my adult daughter who had lost her vision. It was scary and very hurtful, however, I wasn’t going to sit and twiddle my thumbs nor was I going to give into depression. And boy can I tell you a little about going through that. Ok so back to what I was saying. We allowed ourselves to be empowered through the crisis.

I began search out solutions online and ran into one who is now one of my mentors that was facilitating a Boot Camp. Well you know I needed to be wise at the time due to the change in our income. I was blessed to participate and the rest is history. I was introduced to internet marketing and soon Social Media.

I didn’t like Twitter at first it seemed a little silly and meaningless, however, that all changed and I was setting my goal of gaining 100 followers so someone would take notice and mention me in a #FollowFriday tweet. I soon left the desire of merely quantity but quality and yes quantity does have it’s benefits.

I researched a little more into the effectiveness of Facebook and soon was realizing success with Facebook, next it was Linkedin. There was a longer learning curve for me there, however, I am currently at 500+ connections and that’s without much intentional effort.

I run into so many that want to realize their goals via Social Media but they’re not willing to buckle down and do what it takes.

Here are a 15 things that you must have if you’re going to achieve unstoppable success with Social Media Marketing.

1. Basic knowledge of Social Media
2. Clarity of your Target market
3. A plan
4. Focus
5. A commitment
6. Consistency
7. Persistence
8. Diligence
9. A positive mindset
10. Commitment to Divine influence if you’re representing spirituality and for me that’s God. Any and everything I do reflects on my maker.
11. Confidence
12. Healthy self esteem
13. Self Discipline
14. Personal Empowerment
15. Mindset for Total Wellness
Why is this here? Because A mindset for Total Wellness is essential for any level of sustained empowerment, motivation and success

And a bonus
16. A coach or mentor

What will you do with this post? What one thing can you use before your head hits the pillow tonight?

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