Friday, March 22, 2019

Keys To Creating A Marketing Plan To Explode Your Business Profits

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I’ve been known to challenge christian women entrepreneurs, christian women in business, coaches, authors and speakers to work on their internal structure as well as their external structure which inclded preparing their mindset to go to the next level in their business. This is one of the beginning steps if not the first step towards transforming your business into a marketing machine, there are several other key principles which will also impact your success. These four key factors are so important to your business success in this new economy, that unless you build your marketing strategies using them, you will have a 99% chance of failing. 

I’m going to share one of the keys in this writing.

Key #1: Calculate The Lifetime Value of Your Customer/Client

One of the first things to do is calculate the lifetime value of your customers. The lifetime value (LTV) of a customer is the amount of profit each customer brings to your business over the course of their buying lifetime with your business. Now, I will show you a simple way to calculate the LTV, but unless you keep great records you should probably hire a bookkeeper to dig through receipts and calculate the numbers for you.

I will share an example on my upcoming Teleseminar “How To Breakthrough To Profits Online Without The Overwhelm!

Why is the lifetime value of a customer so important? It’s important because it gives you an
idea of how much you should invest in marketing to get the customer in the
first place. So, in the example I’ll provide  the business owner knows that if she
spends another $5,000 in marketing in the same ways she’s investing in marketing
now, she can reasonably expect to double her profits. Without knowing the
lifetime value of her customers, she wouldn’t have the confidence to make that
kind of investment in marketing.

I know this is the kind of information you’ve been looking for and I’m happy to say that there’s more.

I invite you to join me for my much anticipated Teleseminar where I’ll share the other 3 keys, how to use social media to get traffic, 3 essential steps to online marketing success and more!

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