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Low and No Cost Ways to Market Your Direct Sales Business

Low and No cost Ways to market Your Direct Sales Business

You can share with your friends, family and other circles, however, you’ll find that this will come to an end leaving you with your hands up and a big question mark as to where to find customers now. This holds true for not only Direct Sales Business Owners but other women entrepreneurs and their businesses as well.

Marketing your business is one of many tasks that you will be required to do once you become involved in a direct sales opportunity. Marketing is essentially spreading the word about your business and increasing public awareness of your existence. It may sound complicated and expensive but it really doesn’t have to be that way – there are some low cost marketing methods that you can use and get the results you have been hoping for.

I’m going to share a few ways you can do this including saving money and you will want to keep this in mind when you begin to develop your marketing plan.

Let’s start with your website. You no longer have to pay 1000s to get started with your website. Start with the basics and you can always upgrade once your business begins to grow and your profits increase.

Most companies provide a web page that you can use, however, you’ll want to design something that supports the products you share but gear it towards your specialty and not the company product. Many don’t allow you to use trade logos and other branded graphics anyway.

Another low cost and most times free way to market your business is to start being active on social media sites. I don’t say free loosely. If you don’t know how to do this effectively it won’t be free because you’re exhausting so much time getting little to no results and you’ve heard the saying “time is money!”

I cannot stress this enough because believe it or not, there are still businesses that aren’t using this valuable tool to their advantage.

Blogging anyone? Commenting on blogs that are comparable to your Target Market and niche is another way to get yourself out there. It’s going to take a commitment to see any results from this tactic, however, this is a great way to spread the word, especially when you are posting useful information on blogs that have information pertaining to the type of business you are involved in. Add a valuable comment. Things like “great post” or “I enjoyed this” won’t give you the edge you need like a comment that includes a little bit of your expertise. Of course you want to balance this so that you don’t sound like a bragger but someone adding to the conversation.

Offer an IFO. What is an IFO? An Irresistible Free Offer. Gone are the days where individuals will jump at any and everything that says free. You’ll need to persuade them to opt in to receive your IFO many times just as you would a paid item. Most will not purchase from your site the first time so considering this it would be a great idea to have a way for them to raise their hand and opt in for your IFO. I share more about this during my new free training “Market My Biz 101…..”

There are many more ways you can market your business without a huge budget. Here’s one last way: Networking
Don’t simply see networking as a way to exchange business cards. See it as a way to connect and expand not only your network but others networks as well. where do you meet people who may be interested in what you have to offer? You can check with your local Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Associations or other organizations that may have meetings in your local area that you can attend. You can also use Social Media to locate organizations online that can help you connect with others and learn more about useful business tools.

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