Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mistakes you’re making that blocks money from flowing towards you

Mistakes you’re making that  blocks money from flowing towards you

Are you struggling to make money online?

Does it seem like everybody gets it but you?

Did you know that you may be making critical mistakes that block money from flowing to you?

Money is a current and it will either flow towards you or away. Of course there are disciplines necessary to manifest all that you desire, however, you don’t need to worry about any of it if you’re making the following mistakes.

Mistake #1

For Christians one of the mistakes you may be making is trying to operate outside of God’s plan for you and your business.

There are certain Kingdom principles that must be abided by if you’re going to be in compliance and benefit from all that comes with being in compliance.

God will not bless anyone that’s out of order. Success and material gain does not dictate who is and who’s not blessed.

Mistake #2

Comparing yourself to others
You are a unique one of a kind gift of God. Do not waste your time comparing yourself to others. Some individuals are at a different season in their life and although it may appear to look one way on the surface when you get a closer look you’ll discover so many other dynamics present.

Tap into your brilliance. There’s someone out there that needs to hear your message in the way you deliver it.

Mistake #3

Mindset of lack and scarcity

This is BIG. You can thwart your growth on any level because you operate from a mindset of lack and scarcity. You don’t believe there’s enough individuals out there that want to hear your message because there are already enough ______________ fill in the blank with your specialty.

You neglect personal or business growth investment opportunities because you fear you will not have enough for something that may come up in the near future.

I could go on but these are two mindsets you don’t want to embrace.

Mistake #4

You’re not clear on your vision

Mistake #5

You don’t have a plan

Are you making any of the mistakes I shared?

There are many others I could share with you.

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