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Personal and Business empowerment for the Woman Entrepreneur Newbie

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Entrepreneur – one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise

I’ve encountered many women who consider themselves as entrepreneurs,
however, there are various stages involved in the development of a
successful entrepreneur.

There are many questions that a woman entrepreneur newbie has that
can only be answered by one sensitive to this stage in an entrepreneur’s
life. Many times you take teleseminars, classes, read books and purchase
programs only to be more confused than before in essence you experience
information overload.

You’re not quite ready for the 5 steps to strategic marketing …. because
you are just grasping the fundamentals of marketing. Social this, website 2.0
and what??

Can someone just tell me how to get started?? How do I build my
confidence and self esteem for sustained empowerment and success? How do
I develop my vision, goals and what is a niche?

One of the keys to a personal foundation is : Get your personal needs met
Until your personal needs are met, it’s difficult to live powerfully and

OK now let’s talk about the solution.

Introducing The Woman Entrepreneur Newbie Club. A resource designed with
you in mind.

Just enough to assist you in beginning your journey as a successful
woman entrepreneur. You may also appreciate this resource even if you’re
a little more seasoned than a newbie. Be motivated, supported, equipped
and empowered to finally realize your dream of a successful business only
this time with sharpened aim and focus.

Learn more and enroll now at the special $1 offer while it lasts!
The Woman Entrepreneur Newbie Club


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