Saturday, May 30, 2020

Want higher paying clients? Give them something to TALK about! Discover the power of “Exquisite Client Care”™

One of the major concerns of many Women – Female Entrepreneurs is attracting and getting clients, however, even beyond that is getting high paying clients.

There is an art to accomplishing this and until you tap into this art you may be doing activities that are actually repelling your ideal clients instead of attracting them.

You’re working harder and not realizing your desired results.

You’re doing everything you’re told and still seeing little to no results.

Our Featured Speaker Chris Makell will share empowering insights during our Extraordinary Conversation.

Read more below and be sure to join us for The Extraordinary Life and Business Success Telesummit!

Want higher paying clients? Give them something to TALK about!
Discover the power of “Exquisite Client Care”™
By Chris Makell

You can find lots of programs and strategies that teach you how to attract higher paying clients for your business. This includes how you set your prices, how you structure your programs, products or services and most important, developing the mindset to service higher-level clients.

However, even after using these new approaches you may attract a few clients and enjoy some preliminary sales discussions. Yet, you are not experiencing the stream of new high paying clients you expected.

The answer is so much simpler. Let’s begin with what’s going on in the market.

➢ The cost of acquiring a new client today is on the rise, along with longer sales cycle.

➢ 61% of consumers take their business to a competitor when they end a business relationship.

➢ 84% of customers who leave do so due to poor service and of these 4% proactively complain.

Clients, more importantly those who are higher paying, expect a higher level of service than they are experiencing. And it’s time we give it to them…and give them something to TALK about when they refer us.

Learn 3 simple ways to set up your own “client care” program that delivers an “exquisite” level of service that has more high-level prospects calling you and delighted clients staying, while referring you to more qualified customers!

Chris Makell is a veteran IBM leader – a company known for customer service, successful speaker, author and entrepreneur who has worked with high paying clients. She will share this powerful simple business acceleration strategy and show you how to attract the high paying clients you want, while keeping the delighted, loyal clients you love.

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