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Women’s Empowerment tips: It’s your life What are you going to do about it?

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What are you going do about it?
(c) 2002 Robin Tramble

“Three choices a person has concerning things
that bother him/her.

1. Deal with it.
2. Get over it.
3. Learn to live with it.”
__ Jack Murray

You want success. You want financial security, good health,
healthy relationships, a stronger faith, to be able to say no
without feeling guilty. Yes, we want so many things and our
inability to accomplish the above leaves us feeling overwhelmed
and just frustrated. This adds to our stress level. The bottom
line here is all things considered does it boil down to the three
things as Jack Murray suggests above?

If you’re like me you have vowed to be more proactive about
making change in your health and it begins with you.

One of the major causes of death in America are Heart attacks.
We must change our habits. Your daily habits are contributing
factors to your success or failure in any area of life.

Future Youth talks about this in the following paragraph –
Eliminating hurtful habits You’ve finished your
Mediterranean-style mackerel and plan to relax with a glass of chianti and a good smoke– maybe you’d better revise your plan. Heavy drinking (more than
two beers, two one-ounce shots of whiskey, etc., a day) and smoking go
hand in hand with high blood pressure and being overweight.
Separately or combined, these health risks increase the likelihood of developing heart disease.”
Future Youth, by the editors of Preventionâ magazine health books.
1987 Rodale press

Is there something bothering you? Something you don’t like or are
tired of ?

Deal with
What can you do to take an active approach to improve upon your situation?
Will it require additional resources,training,coaching etc. ?

Get over it
If it’s not a major you may just have to get over it. Many times we spend
our lives majoring on the minors. Categorize the problem and if you find
that it’s a minor you may just have to get over it and move on.

Learn to live with it
Is this something you can learn to live with? Only you know if you are discounting yourself by choosing this option, however, it is one to look at.
If choosing one of the other two causes added stress or creates negatives more than just simply learning to live with it then this may be your choice for a period.

For instance you may find that while adjusting to your child’s lack of responsibility by implementing learned skills to assist him in improving that you need to learn your own skills to live with it where it doesn’t drain your energies or break the peace. This is not one of my favorites, however, it is an option and can be a positive depending on how you use it. In this example instead of passively acting out one of the three by default you are actively choosing one of the three.

You can deal with it, get over it or learn to live with it. Just remember whatever you choose you must take responsibility for your choice. Whatever you do don’t just sit there and watch it happen, take action. Even the simplest action may be to answer this question “What are you going to do about it?”

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