Tuesday, May 26, 2020

World-wide Visibility: Turbo-charge your Twitter tweets and Facebook updates with this tool

If you’re not using Social Media all I want to ask is why not?

Social Media may not be for everyone, however, if you want to gain World-wide visibility you do want to consider exploring the benefits to using Social Media.

Twitter and Facebook are growing by leaps and bounds and this is not going to change anytime soon.

Setting up a Twitter or Facebook account is just the beginning. To get results and profits you must learn to use Social Media effectively.

It’s not just about tweeting any and everything on Twitter. Nor is it just about posting any update on Facebook, whether it’s your profile or Facebook page.

You must also be careful about posting too much about your business on your profile especially without setting up lists so that you can hide certain posts from those who are more personal connections.

I came upon a nifty tool that I thought I’d share with you that will definitely spice up your tweets and updates. It’s call Shoutomatic. I must give the credit to Jo Barnes for introducing this tool to us.

You can find this tool at http://www.shoutomatic.com

It will allow you to post an audio update and tweet. How kewel is that?

So how are your online (internet) marketing endeavors working out for you?

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