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How does a woman entrepreneur resist fear and build courage?

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As a woman entrepreneur you are faced with many opportunities to
give up and yield to the obstacles that you are sure to face.

The question is how do you resist fear and build courage?
Fear can hinder you from achieving your goals. Fear can actually
sabotage any effort made towards setting goals, however, once you
have managed to set your goals the objective is to move on them and
set action plans to achieve those goals.

You may already know that a person’s fear can hinder their chances
for development and for success. Fear in itself can be debilitating
and can limit a person’s ability to go through life in a healthy way.

There is a good fear, for instance if a bus is heading in your path,
swerving you have a right to fear. There is nothing wrong with healthy
fear. You are at this time being alerted by fear that there is danger.

So how do you resist fear?

Make a choice not to entertain fear.

Next take time to learn where your fear is originating from.
Develop your confidence. Yes, confidence. We may exhibit fear because
we are not confident in the task we’re undertaking or may resort to
operating in fear of failure which is fueled by a lack of confidence.

You develop your confidence by being educated in your area of operation,
having your vision, mission and strategic plans for building a successful
business in place. You develop your confidence by surrounding yourselves
with empowered, like-minded women, a coach, mentor and or trainer. Also
by identifying programs and services that will empower you to stand out
from your competition and operate in excellence within your niche.

Move in the face of fear. Let’s face it there will be times that you are experiencing fear so you might as well make the choice that when this
happens you are going to move, simply move forward in the face of fear.

Don’t focus on fear. Focus on building faith and becoming faith-full.
You see fear is the opposite of Faith. So if you’re not operating in
Faith then you are operating in Fear. The objective is not to put all
of our focus on eliminating fear but embracing life skills that allow
us to freely move forward.

Which brings me to the next area and that is courage.

What is courage?

Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger,
fear, or difficulty synonyms Courage, mettle, spirit, resolution,
tenacity mental or moral strength to resist opposition, danger, or
hardship. Courage implies firmness of mind and will in the face of
danger or extreme difficulty .
Miriam Webster Dictionary

Building courage will help you take risks to a brighter future that you
ordinarily would not take. When you build courage, you put fear behind you.
Courage is the process of admitting that you have fears, yet you are
willing to find a way to defeat those fears and not allow these fears to
take control of you. It is ok to experience your fears at appropriate times.
Building courage will allow you to self-direct yourself in life. You will
learn to accept consequences and rewards gracefully.

A person that has learned to accept responsibility is a courageous
person who will often feel motivated to accept blame and responsibility
while reviewing their actions and using what they learn to move forward.
You will not find courageous people stepping back when opportunities come
their way, they will step to the front.
On the other hand, a courageous person will step back and take a view at his or
her mistakes gracefully.

One key thing essential to building your courage is to always involve yourself
in self improvement. A person willing to improve their life will relax.
This person will relax even when plans fail. For instance, if it stormed the
next day the person will find something else to occupy her time and
feel just as fulfilled while partcipating in this activity and still being
productive knowing that the opportune time will come for the postponed event.

Inner peace is also key. There’s nothing like facing challenges and set backs
with much more ease because you have inner peace.

Yes, as a woman entrepreneur you will face obstacles and things may not always go the way you’ve planned but with continued self improvement, personal, spiritual and business development you will learn to resist fear and move forward with courage.
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