Monday, December 5, 2022


Attention: Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Authors


Do you struggle with 

getting clients?


Feeling Stuck?


Feel that your marketing efforts

 are getting you nowhere and that it’s

 not working?


Wish you had a Specialist to support you now?


Wait no longer…..


Authentic Marketing Breakthrough Session



Marketing may not be something that you jump to do and you may
feel anxiety at the thought of doing this task. You’ve tried everything you
know to do and still feel like you’re spinning on a Hamsters wheel.

It may make you feel like throwing in the towel but you know
there’s hope and there’s got to be something you can do.

Don’t feel bad. There are many women out there just like you
that struggle in this area.

In my recent survey I discovered that one of the biggest challenges for most was getting clients.

 I have great news! It doesn’t have to be this way…

I’ve helped many get focused and clear on their goals which
allowed them the empowerment needed to move forward with their desired results.

Don’t just take my word for it….

 The Online Marketing Breakthrough Discovery Session was just what  I needed to help me regain focus and align my priorities.  Through our session I was able to identify an area of marketing that I had clearly overlooked.

Often times we know the right thing to do but the seeds of fear and doubt tend to grab hold of our vision preventing us from moving forward.  Speaking with you helped me realize the importance of having an accountability partner, someone to redirect me when I feel myself being swayed away from my goals

Again, thank you so much for your time.  I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Crystal M. Consonery 

HHP Holistic Health Practitioner 

Certified Faith-Based Clinical Counselor


You’re not alone. I’m here to help you and I’ve put together
something that might be the very thing you’re looking for.

Introducing my Authentic Marketing 

Breakthrough Sessions!

I invite you to sign up for an Authentic Marketing
Breakthrough Session today.

An Authentic Marketing Breakthrough session is right for you if…

You’re saying enough is enough and you’re tired of spinning
your wheels getting nowhere, wasting your precious time and money

Marketing is an area you know about but would rather glean
from the expertise of someone experienced in this area

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel and want an accelerated

You want to monetize your time and money

And finally you want to be on the road to more clients and
increased revenue!

What can you expect via your Authentic Marketing
Breakthrough Session:

I’ll share a treasure trove of ideas with you and help you
determine the most beneficial choices for your specific situation.

You’ll leave with laser focus and clarity and  next steps to take.

Need help identifying your Target Market, gaining clarity on
your ideal client profile ?

Are you ready to get started with list building but have no
clue of where to begin?

Maybe you simply need someone to speak into creating
your Client Attraction plan for realized empowering success and manifestation
of your desired results.

Some of the topics you may identify as your focus…..

Building your list

Using Social Media as a tool for Client Attraction

How to get more referrals

Using Virtual Events and/or Local Events to position yourself
as an Authority

and attract clients

Implement Offline Marketing strategies to get clients

Article Marketing and Blogging as a Client Attraction

Leveraging your time to effectively market your business

Idea for other ways you can present your gift/message

Identifying Income Streams

How would it feel to finally get answers, clarity and focus
so you can have the freedom to live life on your terms and serve your ideal
clients with solutions that gives results and the best part is they now see you
as the go to person and are willing to invest to have those results?

I’m ready to help you right now!

OK Robin this all sounds great! How does it work?

You’ll complete a short pre-session form to help you
identify some areas you’re being challenged in and to help me learn a little
more about your concerns.

We’ll spend 25 minutes together, where I’ll provide answers
to your greatest concerns and questions.

You’ll leave this season energized, focused, with useful ideas
and empowerment.

Don’t worry about focusing on taking notes. I’ve provided
for a time of laser focus by recording the session. You will have access to the
recording so that you can revisit this empowering session to take notes, absorb
the insights shared and take nots.

What would it mean to you to finally have things in the way
you so desire?

What would it mean to you to never have to worry about
whether you will get clients or not?

I know it would be priceless. But if you were to put a price
on it you might say thousands!!

Well this session is not going to require an investment of
thousands, not even hundreds. Thousands!

I want to make this a no brainer for everyone that has made
a commitment to do whatever it takes to have more and upgrade their life and


The investment is only…….


This is a limited offer.

I only have a limited number of slots I’m making available.
So if this sounds right for you, you must be quick.

Once you’ve made your investment you’ll receive an email
with instructions on how to access my scheduler online. You’ll also receive the
pre-session form I spoke of.

Are you ready?


I look forward to working with you,

PS:  If not now, when? If not me, who? The time is now and I’m ready to support you.


“Robin Tramble is a one of a kind person who is a leader who exhibits
leadership to those who want to pursue  and gain excellence in their
own lives.  Her Leadership and Empowerment Coaching Program is for
women that want to change their mindset of taking control of their
lives and becoming leaders in their own lives.  Whether you are wanting
to start a new business, write a book or embark a new venture, her 10
week program will give biblical foundation and minister to the heart of
the matter, you!.”

Leadership and Empowerment Coaching Program

Jewel Williams

Principle, Entrepreneur, Author




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