Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Authentic Life Empowerment: Have you talked to her lately?

Remember the innocence of child hood? And I understand that some may have not so fond memories of child hood. If you’re going to realize authentic life empowerment you must also come to grips with that.

This post is a little different, however, I want to share the experience
as I know it may touch someone reading more than I will ever know.

I had to step out of the house to get something to my son that he left in the house. As I walked away my husband had a smile on his face. I felt a surge of glee and started skipping as I skipped and looked back my husband’s smile got bigger. I felt the sun on my back, inhaled the fresh air and it happened, my inner child appeared and I was filled with the innocence of my childhood. A time when I thought that anything was possible. A time when the world looked fair and it seemed to me that everyone cared about one another.

Somehow this moment although very brief gave me a ray of hope, caused all negativity to disappear. i found myself speaking to my inner child “There you are Robin, it’s good to see you!” What a refreshing moment.

I recalled the joy that came from the mere act of skipping when I was younger. A happy time. A joyful time.

Have you talked to her lately? Your inner child. Maybe your talks will be to console the inner child who had sad times, disappointments and felt less than. Do you hide from your inner child because it brings up negative feelings? Embrace your inner child. Console her and allow her to grow up and honor every part of who you are and have become today, because in essence your inner child is part of you and unless you embrace her you may find that you are haunted by the thoughts of yester-year. Unless you embrace that every experience brought you here, you will never come into the fullness of you.

I have moments that my inner child comes forth and they aren’t very happy moments, however, I don’t stay there feeling sad. I embrace her and move forward. I allow everyday to further complete the healing process.

So talk to her. Tell her it’s okay. You made it here together. You love her and embrace her. She will always be there but now you must take the lead and move forward to realize a destiny that awaits you.

Hello little Robin. Good to see you. We did a great job.
We’re still here and life is good!

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