Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Empowering Christian Women: Is Your Mouth An Enemy Of Your Business?

Is your mouth an enemy to your Business Success?

Yep I said it or asked it because this is a big blocker to your manifesting activities.

Your mouth is a powerful thing. You’re frustrated and possibly bewildered because you don’t know why things aren’t manifesting the way you desire.

Christian Women in Business, Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers whoever you want to call yourself you are sabotaging your own success by the negativity that comes out of your mouth. And not it’s not intential, however, intentional or not it is effecting your results.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue! Proverbs 18:22
These are not just words. You see your words frame your world. Your words have the ability to effect your atmosphere.

Even deeper than that when you think of the power of your words we must address the power of your thoughts and actions.

Are you tearing down your Business with your words?

You spend hours upon hours learning and strategizing only to tear it down
with words such as “I’ll never be enough” or “who am I to think that I can do
such and such.” What about my all time pet peeve, using the phrase “I or we
can’t afford that!” It’s one thing to think it which can fall under a negative mindset or limiting beliefs and another to actually say it out of your mouth.

Your thoughts like an action are energy. Positive thoughts render positive energy. Negative thoughts render negative energy. Your emotions when connected boost this energy.

I share with my clients the power of confessions, empowering declarations and beliefs.

Scripture Confessions are my favorite as they are based on the word of God which accelerates the manifestation based on Spiritual Laws.

Your Mouth is a Powerful thing! It can make or break your manifestation activities.

I’m not talking about being repetitive, there’s not enough in that, however, when you meditate and get revelation of the word that you are confessing, “it begins to be activated!” It must get into your heart.

Whether others believe it or not you must stand on what you believe.

What do you believe that God says about your success?

What do you know that God says about your success?

What does God say about prosperity?

Speak those things that God says over your ministry, business, life “regardless!”

Your mouth will no longer be an enemy of your business. Why?
Because you say so!

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