Saturday, May 30, 2020

Empowering Women: Self Confidence – What is it?

Self Confidence – What is it?

Have you ever accomplished something that took a lot of effort and made you feel proud, however, you were left feeling less than confident about yourself in general?

In psychology, this feeling that we don’t really deserve what we’ve earned is described as the Imposter Phenomenon. No matter how much you accomplish or acquire, it won’t satisfy you unless you have self-confidence on the inside.

In essence true self-confidence has nothing to do with what you’ve accomplished and everything to do with your belief that you have the ability to accomplish anything you want to do. This is something you must wrap your mind around and embrace. Your confidence is based on who you are, not what you did. No one or no adverse outcome can take that away from you. I’m sure you can agree.

When I speak of self confidence I am by no means saying to totally depend on your own abilities outside of Father God, however, we are to think good about ourselves. The bible says that we aen’t to think more about ourselves than we “ought to.” See there we are to think positive, good, more about ourselves.

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