Thursday, July 2, 2020

Empowering women: Who are you? How not knowing for yourself can rob you of years

Who are you? How not knowing for yourself can rob you of years

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with many women across the world. My passion is empowering women to discover their authentic self, get unstuck, laser focused so they can make big changes and manifest results faster then they ever have before.

One thing that I have run into is that there is a struggle with moving forward past the limiting beliefs into an area of unshakable confidence without being held back by what others think of them. The participants in my VIP coaching program “Total Transformation” will have an opportunity to experience radical change via transforming exercises in this area and other areas including mastering your mindset.

You may mind yourself overcompensating to cover up the challenges you have with identifying and confidently embracing the authentic you.

Here’s a question: Who are you?

No, not who your parent’s have decided that you are. Not who your Pastor, Employer or even society says that you are. Who are you?

What makes you unique?

What’s your favorite color? What types of food do you like to eat?

What do you bring to the table that will make one stand up and take notice of your brilliance?

Can you truly answer any of the above? And please keep in mind that your bank account or title doesn’t define who you are as much as the lack of doesn’t define who you are.

Is it hard for you to make big steps towards your aspirations because you are hearing somewhere in the distance the chatter from past relationships?

Are you quietly seeking approval? Maybe you’re preoccupied with people pleasing so much that when you communicate you worry about how it sounded or if you said the right thing?

Stop! Yes, stop and take inventory of all of the things that you do well. What are some of the things you’ve received compliments on? You’ve heard them say “Wow ________________ you’re a natural at this. I wish I could do that like you!”

Go ahead write down about 5 – 10 things that you do well. Doing this will help boost your confidence and actually give you self motivation to embrace your uniqueness without being so connected to what others think about you or how they see you.

Next connect to your passion. Reignite your passion if you need to.

Make the necessary mindset shifts.

If you’re going to move towards the abundant life designed for you by Father God you must disconnect from the past that deemed you unworthy, not good enough or has kept you in bondage to their view of you.

It’s time to tap into your brilliance the uniqueness of you.

How many years have you lost due to not being clear on and celebrating your uniqueness?

If you don’t know let me tell you that God says in His word (the bible) that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His workmanship. Created in the image of Him.

Now for that question again: Who are you?

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