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Power up your self improvement by going out of your comfort zone

Power up your Self-improvement endeavors by going out of your comfort zone

How long have you been where you are right now?
Have you stretched yourself any in the last year, 2 -3 years, and how about 5 – 10 years. I know that seems like a long time, however, time moves on and before you know it 10 years have gone by.

If you’re going to realize any of your desired results and power up your self improvement endeavors you’re going to have to move out of your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is exactly what it sounds like, places or situations where you feel comfortable in, while there is nothing wrong with comfort zones in order to expand our potential and succeed in life we sometimes have to move out of our comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. Only by pushing yourself to do something new or which you are afraid of can you develop and improve yourself. The first step to take in venturing outside of your comfort zone is to decide what it is you wish to change about yourself or your life, the way you wish to go forward. Make a list of everything that you want to do or change what you’d like to accomplish, the places you would like to visit and what it is you want out of life. When you have determined your goals and objectives you can then take the next step in making them reality. Here are just some of the ways in which you can step outside your comfort zone.

Improve your self image
How long have you had the same hairstyle You can begin stepping outside your comfort zone by making changes to your self-image, try a different hairstyle, maybe a different color, and change the color of your make-up, choose a different style of clothing than you would normally wear or alter the color. Learn about this area if you’re not sure of how to do this. I share wardrobe savvy and color awareness insights in the Fabulosity component of my VIP Coaching Program Total Transformation. There are many ways which you could make small alterations to your self-image to give yourself a new look and a new look at life, stop and think if you are doing everything you possibly can to look and feel your best and give yourself a confidence boost by making positive changes to your self-image.

Break out of the mundane mentality and do something different
Do you eat at the same restaurants, order the same thing on the menu?
Make it a weekly goal to do something completely different to what you would normally do; this can be anything just to get you out of the rut you have put yourself in and to widen your comfort zone at least one day a week. Start off with making smaller changes at first, go to a different restaurant for lunch, and order something from the menu which you have never tried; there are many ways you can make gradual small changes to your daily life. Try going home a different way. I’m not talking about anything far out that will cause you to get lost, however, just a slight change in your routine can help you start the process of getting out of your comfort zone.

If you want to be successful in life, it is important that you push yourself every step of the way throughout life, never just sit back and rest on your laurels and be content with what you have achieved so far in life. You should continually be looking for ways in which you can improve your life and yourself to achieve and get more from life, develop yourself to your full potential and beyond.

Use the keys I’ve shared here to power up your self improvement. Go ahead. Get out of your comfort zone and soar to your Authentically Brilliant Diamond Life!

What will you use from this post to fuel your endeavor to get out of your comfort zone?

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  1. Great post and so true! We have to expand and step out in order to be able to step into the greater! Thanks for sharing.

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