Thursday, February 21, 2019

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Boost your confidence and increase your client magnetism

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Norman Vincent Peale

It’s important to invest in yourself. Especially as a savvy woman and Woman Entrepreneur. However, investing in yourself is only one step in the process.

How many programs, self help books have you invested in only to end up with another book to pile upon the heap that you already have with no results? Maybe you wanted to lose weight, quit smoking, begin exercising, read faster, improve your personality, or advance your skills.

You also may feel that if you implement the strategies or keys that you will feel better about yourself. Accolades, degrees and honors leaves you feeling good. So you feel that by changing things on the outside by becoming what other people want you to be that the internal will change.

On the contrary, change must begin from within.

Change in your thoughts is critical to empowering success. This change of thought often leads to a change in lifestyle. You can improve the way you think, notice a shift in your behavior and perspective, and start to see yourself in a better light.

When you see yourself in a better light your ideal client is attracted to the confidence that exudes from you. Neglect the area of boosting your self confidence and it will only decrease your client magnetism.
Boost your confidence by learning all you can about your area of focus. There are a few more steps you can take to boost your confidence. Some of the steps listed below are also shared in my ebook “The Dynamic Power of Focus.”
Discover the uniqueness of you
Become Faith-full
Eliminate negative chatter
Celebrate your wins
Move in the face of fear
Discover your purpose
Know that you are a unique one of a gift of Father God

Your ideal client is looking for someone that knows where she’s going and who she is. This is a quality of leadership.

Commit to the activity of boosting your confidence, believe in and have faith in yourself, position yourself as an expert in your field and you will realize a client magnetism

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