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2 Tips for maintaining your endeavors towards Empowerment and Self Improvement

2 tips for maintaining your endeavors towards Empowerment and self improvement

You may know by now that my passion is Empowering women which I do in various ways. This brings me in front of women at all stages of life who are desiring to achieve personal, spiritual and/or professional empowerment.

Do you find it difficult to be consistent in your endeavors towards Empowerment and Self Improvement?

Once you have decided on empowering activities, you will face moments along your journey where it seems that you are not making progress toward your goal. It is natural.

Maintaining your endeavors when the results do not seem to be coming can be challenging. But then, you must not give up when you are pursuing a dream.
Stay on your course. Do not jump overboard. If you believe in your dream and is willing to see it through, you will surely enjoy the sweet reward of success when you arrive at your destination.

Here are two tips for maintaining your endeavors towards Empowerment and self improvement

1. Be persistent.
Continue on taking action daily toward your dreams and goals. Patience and persistence are the crowning qualities of self-confident champions.
Think of the gardener who plants a seed and then waits for it to sprout and grow. He waters and nourishes the seed even when he does not see immediate results, having faith that the seed will develop into a beautiful plant.
Like the gardener, do not think of what you see and what is going on today. Look ahead in the future and what your actions now will result to.
What can you do today to achieve your future plans?

2. Have an accountability and success partner.
Many times this is all you are missing and that is an accountability partner. Someone to hold you accountable to the goals and action steps you’ve set out to accomplish.
You’ve tried it alone for a while now and where has it gotten you? It’s okay to say “I need your help.” This doesn’t mean failure, you are wise to utilize the resources
available to you that will allow you to leverage your time and money.
Having a success partner to encourage and support you especially when you are down or frustrated can make the difference in achieving a goal.
Sometimes our vision is blurred by distraction or discouragement. Having a supportive partner who wants big things for you and believes in you can help you stay the self improvement course.
You can do it on your own, but you do not have to do it alone. You have a choice. Why reinvent the wheel?
Why not have a success partner who will stick with you not only through the good times but also through the bad times?

You can find both of these in a mentor and/or coach and I cannot leave out Father God. He’s been a great partner. I couldn’t do any of this without Him!
Elbert Hubbard “Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer to your goal.”
Your Empowerment and Self Improvement endeavors will not always be easy. But with enough willpower, the perseverance to go on and an accountability
and/or success partner you will finally reach that long awaited place of Empowerment as you make the journey along the path of success.

Here’s a bonus tip: Be committed to prayer which will allow for impartation of God’s wisdom. If you lack wisdom ask! You are encouraged to do this in the bible James 1:5 says that God will not with-hold it from you.

Here’s to your empowering success!

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