Friday, March 22, 2019

Building a Foundation To Balance Your life Presenting Jill Hart

It’s been a POWERFUL 2 days so far where our speakers have provided personal, spiritual and business empowerment.

All of the ladies that attended the sessions or will listen later will never be the same after the impact of this Virtual (online) Retreat designed with Spiritually Minded women in mind.

One thing that women may face is a struggle with creating balance in their lives.

We as women wear many different hats and it can be almost unthinkable to start and build a thriving business whether you work from home or not. How do you balance life in the midst of this?

Get ready for a treat. Jill Hart the President of CWAHMs will start  off day 3  which is the last day of The Mighty Woman of God Mindset Virtual Retreat at 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST.

Building a Foundation To Balance Your Life

Here is a taste of what she’ll cover:

Why is a foundation imperative to a balanced life
How to build a foundation that will stand strong even through life’s worst moments
What things to do each day to keep your your foundation in tact
How to balance life moment by moment
What true balance looks like

It’s not too late to secure your FREE VIP ticket

Click here to gain access to The Mighty Woman of God Mindset Virtual Retreat now!

There will a replay for a few hours or you can secure your Silver Retreat package and eliminate the worry of missing one of the sessions. Plus you can download and listen over and over at  your leisure.

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