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Empowering women: You have a choice

Empowering Women: You have a Choice

Empowering women is my passion and one thing I often state is that Empowerment is a choice, “Yours.” And that everything begins with a decision. When it comes to your Life and/or Business Empowerment it is up to you what you will manifest.

Pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

“You made me angry, when you did that!” Has this statement slipped out of your mouth at anytime in your life? The fact of the matter is that no-one
forces you to become angry regardless of the situation or circumstance.
Sure there are things people say that can be rude, obnoxious, malicious or insensitive etc. Things people do can hurt us, leave us feeling rejected.

I’m sure you can add a few here. Here’s a reminder to some and an announcement to others…… You have a choice as to the response you give to a potential or alleged offense.

You can choose to conserve your energies for positive self nurturing thoughts and actions or pour (or should I say throw) them into your feelings of anger.

Your choice to be angry fuels the negative energies around you. Rather choose to pause for a moment, decide whether or not you want to
spend the next moments of your life irritated, in an argument that’s sure to escalate and destroy your morning, evening or afternoon.

Another way to defuse anger is to empathize. Is there anything about the situation that can allow you to place yourself in the individual’s
shoes and resolve the issue before moving forward and becoming enraged?

Here’s a quote to consider; “Hurting people, hurt people.” I’m not saying that this justifies anyone’s actions that are less than loving, however, it can defuse your anger or then offense when you look at it in a different way. And never, never allow anyone to walk on  you. You must advocate for yourself just don’t allow it to control you and your life! See out the help you need which can possibly be in a coach or mentor such as myself.

Resist the urge to have selective anger… Watch for your tendencies to allow yourself to become angry when it’s your spouse, employee, boss, child etc. and not so much when it’s a friend, customer -
you get the picture. I’m going to make this statement as discreetly as I possibly can…. even our dog (pet) gets more consideration than we give each other. Am I saying don’t become angry? No, if you
can prevent it, of course it’s better not to. Even the bible makes allowances for being angry, however, it also states …….”Be angry and sin not.” My
point is that ….. You have a choice!

The choice is yours. Do you hear that? It belongs to you, don’t give ownership to anyone else. Now, who made you angry?  Hmmm……mmmm

I would love to read your comments on how this has spoken to you.

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6 Responses to “Empowering women: You have a choice”
  1. This post is a great reminder of having a choice to not let anger drain your energy. Not to mention, many have gone on with their lives while you are making yourself unhappy. Thanks!

  2. Adrienne D. Wimbush says:

    Anger can be a positive emotion. It can motivate us to make changes in our lives we wouldn’t otherwise make if we weren’t angry. For example if someone tells me I can’t do something, I use those words as fuel in the engine of my determination. When someone criticizes me, I stop and ask myself if there is any truth in what the person said. If there is, I set aside my emotional response and use their words to inspire me to make changes in my life. Whether or not we become angry isn’t the issue. It’s what we do with that anger that truly matters. We can either allow it to cause us to do something negative or, we can use it to motivate us to do something positive. I choose to use it as a positive driving force in my life to push me to work harder to overcome obstacles that otherwise might prevent me from becoming the person God destined me to be.

  3. Robin says:

    Thank you for stopping by to read and comment Adrienne. Great points. It all boils down to our choice. Whether we become angry or not is part of the issue, however, it is not the sum total. As I stated in the post even the bible makes an allowance for anger, however, it is not to say that whether we become angry or not is not to be addressed. The point is that we do have a choice in how we allow others to effect us, how we respond to it and what actions we take in the process. Empowerment is a choice. Yours!

  4. Great article. I try to keep this in mind when I am feeling angry. I prefer to have positivity in my life as much as possible. Not to say there isn’t times I don’t get past it and am just angry but that is not the norm.

  5. Jackie Pearson says:

    Thank you Robin for sharing this. So true!
    I struggled with anger for a long time. His word in Ephesians 4:26:Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath. This is such a powerful word. If you decide to deal with the anger yourself without taking it to the Lord then it always backfires. In most cases it becomes an ungodly spirit that can eat you for years until you have recognised, renounce and repent and ask Lord Jesus to heal you from all your past wounds. In my case I had to forgive others and also forgive myself till I could be free from the ungodly anger.

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