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In God we trust is not merely a statement "It’s a must!"

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I’ve been viewing some of the events taking place over the last few
weeks and it saddens my heart.

One story in particular is that of a Pastor’s wife who died due to suspected
swine flu complications.

You can view the article here.

We may ask how can this happen to God’s people?
God does not put things on us, however, our bodies are subject to
the effects of this world.

I know you know the statement “In God we trust” on our currency.
My question is are we as christians truly trusting God?
Trusting His word that teaches us to cover ourselves?
Keeping our armour on? Speaking the word over our lives?
Covering ourselves with the blood?

We have a lot of preachy folks. Those that are quick to give a sermon
but if you were to be in the privacy of their homes, no word is going
forth,there is no devotion time and definitely a lack of prayer coverage.
OH! Should I even draw attention to fasting? (smile)

So….. in the midst of all of our daily tasks and plans we must make
sure that we trust God’s instructions for our life. Seek His wisdom in
every area and listen.

If you miss it , get back up and receive God’s grace, repent and move

My friend now is the time to stay under the shadow of The Almighty.
El Elyon “The most high God!” (For life or death)
As a christian to die is gain , however, we don’t have to go before it’s
our time and when it is we will do as this wife -
Close to death and attached to tubes and wires, she could only communicate
with hand gestures, but reportedly told her husband, “Everything is going to
be O.K. I know where I’m going.” [1]

In God we trust is not merely a statement “It’s a must!”

Need some inspiration to lift your spirit and soul on wings of faith?
Go here:

[1] Free Christian press http://durl.com/xv85

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