Thursday, July 2, 2020

Resurrection Sunday: Tap into the PBC Excerpt from Dr. Philip G Goudeaux

Tap into the PBC

As taught during Resurrection Sunday Service by
Dr. Philip G. Goudeaux

And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where you are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the hand of Egypt. Exodus 12:13

We’ve often heard of the Passover and there are many renditions of this sermon
based on the Passover.

Our Pastor Dr. Philip G.. Goudeaux taught a message today that taught us about the Power of the PBC. What is the PBC it is the Passover, Blood and The Cross.

Pastor showed how the power is activated through our obedience. Imagine being told to put the blood over your door posts. Many would not because they would think or ask “what would that look like” or “what would others think of me?”

He also said that you can’t borrow blood from someone else to put over your house it had to be the blood from the lamb that you presented.

So there were two things here;

1) Obedience. It may not look right, sound right or feel right but if God told you to do it you best do it as that’s what activates the power of the blood.

2) God is looking at you and your personal walk. He’s not looking at what someone else is doing but what you’re doing. Your offering to him. Your sacrifice.

Pastor went on to say there’s life in the blood.

The blood line is in the Father’s blood and many things are carried out through the Father’s bloodline. Hence would be the reason Mary could not know Joseph In the biblical sense of the word. Our redemption could not come from man’s bloodline so God himself caused seed to be in Mary from His bloodline. Hallelujah Praise God He sealed up any avenue for the devil to speak “foul!”

We we come to know Jesus we get a blood transfusion. “We get a Supernatural Blood Transfusion!” Go Pastor!

He spoke of John G Lake who was in ministry and there were Locusts around. He plead the blood around his locale and the word was there were Locusts all around but didn’t touch his land. The POWER of the Blood.

He also said to never forget the Ancient Land Marks of fasting, giving, praying and seeing Sunday as a Holy Day.

We are God’s children and when in obedience we can plead the BLOOD, speak out to everything that is contrary to God’s word with authority because of the PBC “The Passover, The Blood and The Cross!” The enemy is operating illegally if he’s in your house, finances, body, etc. Walk in your authority and know that because of the Passover, Blood and the Cross you are FREE to live an abundant life!!

That thing that would try to overtake you…. plead the blood and it will Passover you.
Even the things that have already manifested speak to it, prophesy to it and know that you have a covenant right to God’s supernatural intervention.

This is just a snippet of his message today. Praise God for our Man and woman of God. May God’s Covenant of Protection continue to rest upon you.

Dominion is restored!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

Now’s the perfect time for New Beginnings!

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