Thursday, February 21, 2019

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Don’t take it personal

Don’t take it personal

Okay a funny thing happened today. I got this bright idea to write this post
and was encouraged to do so. I received an email and I was sure it was going to
be filled with affirmations for the call and audio. Well, to my amazement it wasn’t.
She said there was no where to connect. This was included in the follow up email.
She purchased a $7 audilo. What? You can get one of Empowerment Diva’s audios
For $7? Yes A special OTO (one time offer) of $7.00.
She went on to say it wasn’t proftable and she wasn’t satisfied.

I stepped back for a moment. Had a few thoughts and then the title stood out at me
“Don’t take it personal!” Oh yea I thought. I’ve never received such a response about
this audio and it was only $7.00! Okay I had to listen to my own advice that I’m going to share right now.Besides it’s not about how much or how little she paid if she wasn’t satisfied she wasn’t satisfied.         Yes I may have received tons of great feedback, however, this is one individual and she has her own    opinion.

Here are two areas that you may be tempted to take it personal.

Have you ever had a bad feeling when people unsubscribed? I know I did in my early years of publishing a newsletter/ezine. Well as I’ve heard from my mentors you don’t want people on your list that
don’t celebrate your message and actually they’re making room for your ideal
customers/clients. So don’t take it personal.

Negative feedback or Rejection
Now this is something that we’re all going to experience and may get in the way of your reaching out for clients or customers because you fear this. Look at it this way,
if you were offering chocolate ice cream in a nice gold bowel and with a gold spoon topped with whipped cream and a cherry and the individual you presented it to rejected it you might take it personal. Why? Because you felt the presentation was impeccable and why wouldn’t anyone want this beautiful dessert? You might go as far to say that they didn’t like you or what you were wearing. Well maybe the individual doesn’t like chocolate or even better maybe they’re allergic to chocolate or dairy. Even if they did take it to humor you it wouldn’t be the gain you’re looking for
because you’re not solving their problem and there’s no reason for them to stick
around to purchase anything from you in the future.

So what’s missing here. You need to make sure you know what your prospects wants. Did this individual ask their preference or did they assume.

If on the other hand you have allowed for selection based on their desire in the form
of a taste such as an audio, free teleseminar, special report and they opt out it is still
not something you take personal. It’s not their taste and they are opting out.

The word is “next.” I say this with a word of caution here. You don’t want to ignore an opportunity for feedback and to reassess, however, don’t spend a lot of time on it,
Especially if you’ve received great feed back from others on the same product. You gave them a taste, they didn’t like it “next.”

If you’re not satisfied what do you do? You express it or move on.

So don’t take it personal. It happens to the best of us.

Another thing that may contribute to you taking things personal is your mindset and quite possibly you’re in your own way.

You may have a mindset of “not enough” whether it’s money or in reference to you as an individual. I invite you to listen to the replay of one of my most recent empowering calls “Master your mindset so that you can unleash the power within and soar to your greatness!” You can request it here

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One Response to “Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Don’t take it personal”
  1. Robin, Great post to think about and remember. Being one that too everything personally, I’m just now at a point where everything isn’t my fault. No more “Victim Spirit” for me, and this is why. It use to kill me. Two other things that helped me were Don Shula’s 24 hr. rule and this saying, “Some will, some won’t, so what, next. Not to say we shouldn’t listen to constructive correction. Keep up the great posts.

    Here’s to you,


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