Friday, June 5, 2020

10th Anniversary of 9/11 A day we will never forget. Original song Video to inspire and heal

9/11 A day we will never forget. Original song Video to inspire and heal

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Seattle, WA in my room when I saw the first plane hit the tower and then I said asked, “What is that?” I went to turn up the Television and it happened a second plane hit the next tower. I listened as they spoke of this tragic event. My heart seemed to drop to my stomach my eyes filled with tears and I really can’t explain the rest of the emotions I felt. All I know is that not too soon after that I was drawn to the keyboard and it was downloaded “A message for the world” soon to be called “You don’t weep alone.” I thought it would go around the world and everyone that heard the song knew it was special and that it would surely be used to heal the hearts of many. I believe that it has been heard around the world due to the Internet and yet I still hold that dream of it being heard by the masses especially those that need to hear it.

I ask you to listen and receive the inspiration and healing that you need. Don’t stop there please leave your comment or share with others.

Where were you when this tragic event occurred? How has this impacted your life?

If it hit close to home how have you managed since that time?

We will never forget and I pray for those of you that are still experiencing the effects of the pain from this tragedy. I am blessed by the beautiful things that have happened even during such a hard time. Thank you again to those who served and supported the families of those who we lost during this time.

You don’t weep alone. I weep with you.
And for the choice of men giving in to their evil ways.
It was not my choice. It was not my plan.
But the choice of men outside my hand.

© 2001 Robin Tramble for Trambleco Music Publishing

Lyrics from “You don’t weep alone” A message for the world from the heart of Father God

If the video doesn’t show please view here http://youtu.be/RrYB3ZtLHv0

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