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7 Social Media Mistakes You Might Be Making That are costing you Business and Clients

 Are you making the following mistakes?

Social Media is more than the latest trend. It is strongly becoming a must use tool for Businesses that are positioning themselves to gain a big piece of the market they’ve deemed their target. If you want to be seen as an authority in your field you’d do yourself justice by either acquiring the skills to utilize and I will say “effectively” use Social Media or outsource it.

Here are 7 Social Media Mistakes You Might Be Making That are costing you Business and Clients. 

1. You’re less than Authentic
You know I’m going to talk about being authentic some where in this post. So why not start right from the top. Your followers whether on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. can smell a lack of authenticity a mile away and once they do the won’t be around for long. And I’m not stating this as a trend or the latest term being shopped around. People will follow those they can trust and so this is a great segway to embracing the know, like and trust factor. Do this and you’re on your way to converting your followers in to customers and clients who will sing your praises “to others!”


2. You are not clear on your Goal

This is one of the most significant steps to realizing a profitable experience on Facebook. What is it that you wish to accomplish with Social Media and even more important what is your goal on each Social Media Network that you designate as your focus. If you’re beginning start with one to focus on. Of course you can set up an account on the the two major networks Twitter and Facebook and you might even give it a try on Linkedin, however, you want to focus on really getting a handle on one as your primary focus and then move on to another one. Take the time to get clear on your goal.

3. You’re not clear on your Target Market
This is step 2 if you desire to realize a profitable experience on Facebook. This is also one area many are missing it. You’re all over the place and your language is confusing. I’m sure you’ve heard the statement “a confused mind” doesn’t buy. If you want to amp up your results take the time to do your homework and define who your target market is. If Facebook is your primary focus right now, who is your target market? When you post on your Facebook page you should be speaking in terms of your target market. We haven’t even talked about your niche, however, even before getting to deep into that you need to determine who are Target Market is.

4. You’re not Engaging

Are you simply posting links and offers on your social media networks? This is a FATAL mistake. The Social is not in Social Media just because. If you’re going to have empowering success using Social Media you must engage and it must be value added.

5. Too much Promotion – Close to Spamming
There is a ratio that I like to mention to my clients and that is to serve up 60% Value added posts, 20% Retweets, sharing on Facebook and 20% sharing of your offers, links and such.

One thing that can sabotage your empowering success when attempting to effectively use Social Media that will render customers, clients and convert them into those that sing your praises “to others” is too much promotion which can actually be considered spamming or close to it.

6. Out of balance with Quality vs Quantity
Sure it’s great to have thousands of followers, friends and likes, however, what good does it do if you don’t have a balance of good quality content going out to a quality of followers, friends and community of individuals who have liked your Facebook page?

When starting out you may be tempted to go for the quantity as you’re creating your page because you need 25 to get the username and that’s after your first use of the no limit to get the username but after that your goal should be to gain targeted likes, followers, friends and to not only post the maximum of updates, tweets but to post value added content.

If you’re looking for a profitable experience, take the time to create a healthy balance between quality posts, quality targeted followers, friends and likes.


7. You’re operating with a negative mindset

Operating with a negative mindset can sabotage your empowering success with Social Media. In one of my posts I refer to 3 mindsets to avoid which includes; The inferiority, Scarcity and It’s Too Late For Me mindset. These are three to avoid. You must embrace a positive mindset. A mindset of success. Feeling like you don’t have enough, that there isn’t enough to go around and so you feel there’s no room for you or that it’s too late will cause you to give up before you even begin or throw in the towel right before a possible breakthrough. Cultivate a positive mindset. This is just an excerpt from my post but you get the gist of it don’t you?


I’ve shared great content with the mistakes you may be making when using Social Media that are costing you business and clients. Of course, this is a list of a few of the mistakes.

Social Media is a phenomenal tool when used correctly which brings me to my next point. It’s up to you to acquire the skills needed to upgrade your life and business. Does it ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

 I’m offering you an opportunity to stop now.

I invite you to give your business the fighting chance it deserves via Facebook.  Go here now to learn more about my brand new Authentic Facebook Marketing Made Easy Training.

I’d love to read your thoughts. You’re welcome to leave a comment. Thanks!

Your Empowering Coach “The Empowerment Diva”


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19 Responses to “7 Social Media Mistakes You Might Be Making That are costing you Business and Clients”
  1. Hahaha these are not only hilariously true, they are quite common for sure – even in the smallest fraction, they can be harmful. Great list, great job!

  2. Leah says:

    Very poignant points indeed. Focusing on quality vs. quantity is essential!

  3. All of your points are very true. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom with us :)

  4. Thank you for sharing these tips. Appreciate this…
    The LEARNED Preneur

  5. Lori says:

    Great information! This is very valuable to go through and really learn from. Thanks!

  6. Linda Lewis says:

    Hi Robin, I appreciate your emphasis on being clear about goals and the target market. It is so easy to lose focus on the web in social media. Nice post. Thanks

  7. Ronae Jull says:

    Loving your list! At this moment, I particularly appreciate #5: too much promotion, almost spamming. I’ve “weeded” my social media garden recently because I felt the victim of spammers. Most of those who sent repeated self-promotional messages were, I’m sure, desperate for my business. But they were unwilling to develop that relationship!

    • Robin says:

      That’s it Ronae “relationship!” And again another mistake “appearing desperate.” I’m sure everyone can come up with a few more. :) Thanks for sharing your comment.

  8. Marie Leslie says:

    Great points, Robin. This is an excellent reminder of how to behave online. We need to be ourselves everywhere we are and focus on building great relationships, not on “selling.”

  9. I think I’ve done all of these at some point. It would have really been helpful to know all this before I made the mistakes but live and learn. I am still working on getting it right but it’s really a learning experience and getting out of my comfort zone. Thanks for some great tips.

  10. Solvita says:

    Great points and it is good to know! I agree and you did so well with warning businesses. Thank you for posting! :)

  11. Great points to keep in mind … Hoping I’m avoiding these!

  12. Arnette Swain says:

    Your approach and outlook is very good, you have presented some basic but very relevant points that are crucial to good business and marketing. I believe that if enough people utilise the tips that you presented, they will experience visible improvements and growth in their businesses in a short space of time.

  13. Arnette Swain says:

    May the Lord continue to bless and increase you in wisdom and knowledge.

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