Saturday, May 30, 2020

Special Opportunity for 12 Christian Women Entrepreneurs

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Time continues to fulfill its purpose daily waiting on no man.

Do you continue fulfilling your purpose daily waiting on no man? No-thing?

~ Robin Tramble

If you ever visit a cemetery I’m sure you can see that there are short graves and long graves. You can no longer judge how long an individual will be around based on their years. Unfortunately we have experienced the passing of our beautiful, Faith-filled, strong and brave daughter Tanishia. She was 33 years young and looked forward to marriage, children, a career and more. God released her and received her and she’s no longer suffering. It’s very painful and I didn’t think I was ready to take on anything else right now, however, the call continues and Tanishia would want me to persevere. It’s important to live life to the fullest(something she would always say). And she practiced what she taught.

You must maximize every day and seize every opportunity because it’s true “God’s gift to us is life and what you do with it is your gift to HIM! What have you presented Him with lately?

If you’re been waiting for the perfect time to move forward in your calling, to take that leap of Faith, well I have news that you probably already know deep down within, “There is no perfect or right time!”

You wait on your children to grow up and then they move forward, get married and the grands come or they go to college and you feel you need to be available for that and you wait. You may have waited on education and now that the education is done your parents are getting older and requiring more and more of your attention. Life happens and it will continue to happen. The question I have for you is what is happening to your life? Your dreams?

You can still manifest your desired dreams that as one of God’s own He has more than likely placed in you but you must stop trying to do it alone! We all have various responsibilities, however, believe it or not everyone is happier when your life is full of Joy and Peace because you are living on purpose and with clarity of vision and goals. That Joy and vibrancy creates an atmosphere, an environment ripe for God’s supernatural intervention.


Special op.portunity for 12 Christian women Entrepreneurs


Why 12? First I want to work closely with you to support you in manifesting your desired results and I can’t do that with a larger group. I will only be able to connect with a group of 12. Second 12 is a significant number in the bible. There’s a government of 12, Jesus had 12 disciples and more so through prayerful consideration and getting peace about it I settled on 12.

I’m so excited about this op.portunity for a select few who are ready to play a bigger game and realize the abundant life that Father God has designed for you.Again, this is only for 12 women. You may be a leader in your industry,Executive, CEO, coach, author, minister, pastor, teacher, administrator of your home etc. or you aspire to be. You know there is more and that God is ready to propel you toward your Destiny.

One piece that is missing for you is accountability. No, I’m not saying that you’re not accountable, however, you speak into so many other’s lives that there is no time set aside for someone to speak into your life and allow you to monetize your endeavors and play in a bigger way.We serve a BIG God and He is looking to partner with women who are ready to step up in a BIG way. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can be one of the 12 that I’ll be connecting with send an email to RobinTrambleIntl@gmail.com with  “1 of 12″ in the subject area and I will gift you a fre.e consultation to see if this is a fit for us. But be quick as this is limited to a select few.I’m ready, God’s ready, however, the question is, are you? Don’t miss this op.portunity!!

I know this is for you if you’re ready to step up.It’s for you if you’re saying enough is enough. It’s for you if you’re ready to tap into Supernatural living and manifestation of God’s Best for you!

Let go and let God!! You are blessed and highly favored,The head and not the tail. Blessed going in and blessed going out. Arise and shine!!

I look forward to receiving your email, however, don’t delay as I’m only going to connect with 12 after the calls. I’ll talk with more than 12, however, I’m only connecting with 12 for this life-changing Destiny op.portunity. Please be advised that this is not a mastermind. It is a rare opportunity for you to work closely with 11 other brilliant women and myself in a group coaching/mentoring environment.

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