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Empowering Christian Business Women – An Exclusive Invite for Elite VIP Coaching Read asap

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Is this your year of EPIC Success?

Pay close attention if you were thinking or dreaming about a Private time with a coach/mentor who cares about your empowering success. Shares some of your principles and values. One who can give you 12 steps and blueprints for your life and business success but is proof of manifested and sustained God approved success and focus even in troubled and crisis times. One who will not only commit to you as your coach/mentor but will also cover you in prayer and more, I’m giving you an exclusive invitation. You see I’m passionate about empowering Christian Women in Business, Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Speakers who may be frustrated with the slow growth of their business, desire to manifest a healthy internal structure, need laser focus and prosper while making a difference in the world Authentically! 


This year and 2013 has been an awesome year of shifting in my life and business. I’ve become really clear on my target market and niche. As a result of committing to this I’ve seen my business nearly double and watched increased profits and all of this has been over the last year.


Some of you have connected with me to see that change in not only your business but also your life.


I’m here with a special invite to support you in manifesting the breakthroughs in your life and/or business. Maybe you have great ideas and yet you don’t know where to begin. Or you’ve begun, however, you’re all over the place and have no focus and you don’t have a plan.


Others of you know that Father God is calling you higher and you have tapped into your wealth consciousness and know it’s going to require making quantum leaps, which may mean investing in yourself in another way to manifest the results you want NOW! This may appear scary at first but when you envision what you want it will seem really feasible. 

Go For More

“When you’re interested you’ll do what’s convenient. When you’re committed you’ll do whatever it takes!” John Assaraf


This message may make some of you uncomfortable and maybe a little upset and that’s ok. I’m prepared for that and understand where it’s coming form, however, for those of you who have been waiting for me to bring this back so that you could make a quantum leap this is for you. Remember I have varying opportunities for you to glean from my message and gift and I will not leave those who have shifted their mindset and positioned themselves to go BIG out of my empowering solutions.


In the spirit of the Transformational time we are in known as “Resurrection Sunday” also seen by many as a time of New beginnings I’m giving a few women an opportunity in the form of a Private Virtual Half-Day Intensive!


This is an Exclusive offer for 8 women only. Why 8? The number 8 Biblically signifies new beginnings.


I’m excited to facilitate this opportunity for you to step up and manifest your desired results in 2014. This is your EPIC year!


One definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.


This isn’t for everyone, however, I know there’s someone who’s been waiting for this elite opportunity.


If you’d like a virtual face to face option via skype you can include that with your message to me as instructed below.


Give yourself the luxury of uninterrupted, laser focus on your vision, goals and manifestation of your desired results!


If you want to be one of the first 8 women to get a head start and claim your spot apply by sending an email to RobinTrambleIntl@gmail.com and putting “VIP with Robin” in the subject area.


A success story from one of my clients


Before my 1/2 day intensive with Robin I felt that my focus was too broad, that
I knew where I wanted to go, but not how to get there. I felt that I
had a lot of pieces but did not know how to put them together.


After my 1/2 day intensive I feel energized, excited and focused. All my
questions were answered and I felt I was able to put the pieces of my
puzzle together. Every
 question I had was answered an It was the best thing I ever did and now I am moving forward with my plan and business, I see growth in my business and me personally.


Gena Foster

Visionary “RE” Group

Administrative Pastor




Have you been desiring to connect with me in this way? This may be your call. Don’t delay. Make this the year you finally get it.


Finally get clear, focused, position yourself for a money breakthrough without the overwhelm and stress.


Why a VIP intensive day?Group calls and coaching is great, however, you may desire breakthrough without waiting months in other words piece mealing your empowering sessions with me. This is ideal for the Savvy Busy woman who wants an elite experience.


This is the perfect gift to give yourself. Aren’t you worth it?



Empowerment is a choice. Yours!


Make the choice today.


Send an email to RobinTrambleIntl@gmail.com and put “VIP with Robin” in the subject line. I’ve set aside time Thursday and Friday to speak with as many as possible. 






Your Authentic Empowerment Mentor/Coach

P.S. If not now, when? If not me, who? You’ll have access to the recordings of our sessions, breaks during our Virtual day and one follow up session with me.


 Read more Success statements from brilliant women I’ve worked with.

You gave me a lot to think about and some good tools to figure out which direction to go in my business. You also shared some great ideas for my particular business that gave me some ideas of my next steps. I realized I definitely need a coach or mentor, and am fired up to take the steps to get out of fear and move forward. 

Crystal P. Roseville, CA


Jewell Williams talks about Robin and Leadership


“Robin Tramble is a one of a kind person who is a leader who exhibits
leadership to those who want to pursue  and gain excellence in their
own lives.  Her Leadership and Empowerment Coaching Program is for
women that want to change their mindset of taking control of their
lives and becoming leaders in their own lives.  Whether you are wanting
to start a new business, write a book or embark a new venture, her 10
week program will give biblical foundation and minister to the heart of
the matter, you!.”

Leadership and Empowerment Coaching Program

 Jewel Williams


Founder of Jeweled Ministries 

You made me come to the realization I have to do the work I don’t naturally like to do to get the results I say I want… Thanking God for His Grace to get me through and bring along those people/things I need when needed. You are and have been a blessing every time and on-time for what I’ve needed. Thank You!! 

Apryl H.

It’s your time!

Email me: RobinTrambleIntl@gmail.com to apply today.




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