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Empowering Christian Women – Why Resolutions Fail

Why do Resolutions Fail?

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I know you may be saying not all resolutions fail and that may be the case, however, Christian Women at least many that I know don’t participate in the yearly activity of creating New Year’s Resolutions but for now let’s explore why resolutions fail.

The main reason why New Year’s Resolutions fail is simply because people either make too many resolutions at one time, or they make ones that are insurmountable. The majority of people are extremely busy and if you suddenly add a long list of resolutions into the mix, you are doomed before you even start.
The best advice for anyone starting a resolution is to exchange it for a process including commitments. If your overall game plan is complex then start with a new commitment as soon as the first one is completed. No one says you can’t begin a new commitment in April or September. This is a good way to approach a more involved series of commitments and helps you see that it is attainable.

People who make a specific New Year’s commitments are the ones who are most likely to succeed.
Willpower is responsible for not achieving your goals. This is something that many people blame by stating that they just don’t have the willpower to follow it through. In fact everyone has the willpower for anything, you just need to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you do have the willpower.

As Forbes stated in their article on Jan 1, 2013
You have as much willpower as you think you have, essentially.

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